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About the manufacturer

ACE is well known around the world as a leader in industrial shock absorption technology. Along with reliable local support and worldwide distribution, not only has the distribution grown, but also the supply of a network that is capable of designing and supporting all possible industrial areas. With over 120 distributors located in over 45 different countries, manufacturing on three continents, and a commitment to innovation and development.

The international team consists of fully trained, highly respected local distributors, each serving local customers. An international team of senior engineers and designers work to advise and customize equipment for each specific customer requirement. International support is enhanced by multilingual staff, excellent service, and the ability to quickly answer the most complex technical questions.

More than 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of the most innovative products, as well as successful partnerships with some of the most prestigious engineering institutions and universities, have made it possible to develop complex simulation programs.

The company was first introduced to the linear deceleration market with its industrial shock absorbers, and is now well known for many other complementary products that are specifically designed for shock absorption, speed control, or even lifting loads.

Standard industrial shock absorbers, from tiny M6 threaded units to units that can handle 126,500 NM per cycle. All retarders are designed for specific conditions. Emergency systems are designed for those machines that will never let you down but have a habit of working when you least want them. Speed control products are capable of precisely controlling the speed of your equipment, obtaining optimal cutting speeds or precisely controlling position.

Gas springs are designed to enable you to raise, lower or balance equipment to suit your individual requirements. Hydraulic brakes - reliable control for moving loads of all sizes. In addition, the company offers many, many other products for various purposes.

ACE has also developed a series of simple elastomeric shock absorbers that can be used almost anywhere where simple and effective damping protection is required.

Products of the company

Safety shock absorbers

Safety shock absorbers

During braking, the piston rod is driven into the shock absorber. The hydraulic oil, in front of the piston, is passed through a plurality of bypass holes. The number of bypass holes in action decreases in proportion to the distance traveled per stroke. The impact speed of the moving load is gradually reduced. The internal pressure, and thus the reaction force, remains virtually unchanged throughout the entire stroke. To separate the hydraulic systems from the gas accumulator, a diaphragm for the SCS series and a piston separator for the CB series are used.

Profile shock absorbers TUBUS

Profile shock absorbers TUBUS

The unique body structure allows for outstanding performance. The following series are produced: TA, TS, TR, TR-L, TR-H. For these damping elements, made from a special polyester elastomer, structural changes during production create certain initial loads that ensure that during operation TUBUS converts frictional force into heat. The unique body structure allows for outstanding performance. TA series: falling characteristic with max. energy absorption at the minimum step. Energy absorption: 40% to 66% TS-series: linear characteristic with low reaction force during a short duty cycle. Energy absorption: 26% to 56%. TR / TR-L / TR-H-series: Progressive characteristic with a gradual increase in reaction force over a long stroke. Energy absorption TR: 17% to 35% Energy absorption of the TR-L series: 14% to 26% Energy absorption of the TR-H series: 39% to 50%

Damping plates SLAB

Damping plates SLAB

The two D and F series from ACE offer a range of optimal solutions for damping the entire vibration range and for effectively reducing structure-borne noise. The material used in the D Series incorporates a proprietary formula and has been specially designed to absorb shock loads. The SLAB F-series damping plates are used in vibration isolation, such as in machine tools and textile machinery, and help avoid production downtime and harmful effects on product quality.

DVC-32 Hydraulic Velocity / Flow Controller

When designing the DVC, the controls can be adjusted separately for separate forward and reverse speeds. This adjustment can be made during installation and even during the working stroke. Turn the control knob to the right to decrease the speed, to the left to increase the speed. Once the regulator is installed, it can be locked with the fixing screw. The standard version has two controls configured for individual damping for forward and reverse travel.

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