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ACS Control System

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About the manufacturer

The German company ACS Control System has been devoting more than 25 years to the development and production of measuring technology devices. The products are designed for various industries, including extreme operating conditions. It meets both general and personal customer requirements. More than 30 distributors all over the world cooperate with the company. The main production facilities are located in Eggenfelden.


Fill level

The filling level measuring devices ACS Control System are represented in different areas.

  • For hydrostatic filling measurement (Hydrocont series) - level sensors with front flush ceramic diaphragm, with electronic system, for extreme conditions in a steel housing, sensors for waste water and outdoor installation (with dry capacitive sensor).
  • Ultrasonic measurement (Sonicont series) - sensors for liquids and solids (separate version for hazardous environments), non-contact continuous level measurement in liquids and bulk media.
  • Limit switches (SRA, SRE series) - for one limit level and two-point control, with separate on and off delay times, for two limit values, etc.
  • Rod probes - conductive, conductive probe, hygienic conductive probe, rod conductive and coaxial probe, etc.

The range of devices in this section is used for level monitoring in the food sector, leaching of kaplan turbines, leak detection in water treatment systems and other works.

Water level

For water level measurements and data storage, sensors of the Hydrolog series with a memory for autonomous recording of indicators and a dry capacitive ceramic measuring membrane are used. The section also presents the GSM-3000 remote data transmission module and the Nautiz X8 portable device for programming and collection.

Pressure level and temperature

For measuring relative and absolute pressure, the company offers sensors with and without digital display (Precont series): battery-powered and data logger, with ceramic or hidden metal diaphragm, differential pressure transducers, sensors for monitoring in gas and vapor media, etc. 

For work with temperature resistance, the range includes temperature sensors with and without digital display (Thermocont series): resistance thermometers, clamp-on sensors, universal converters, switches and other devices.


In this sector, the manufacturer offers paperless recorders, data loggers, display devices, industrial process controllers (multifunctional, indicator, technological, microprocessor) and industrial control devices (digital panel meters, processor bar graphs). ACS Control System also produces signal converters, buffer amplifiers, limit switches, head transmitters, optoelectronic universal, inductive, magnetic and capacitive sensors, distance sensors, line sensors, vision sensors and other measuring devices for data accounting.

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