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Anderson-Negele is a company dedicated to the development and production of hygienic measuring devices and sensors. The company was founded in 1978 in Germany by Mr. Helmut Negele, the main activity of the company was the manufacture of custom-made instruments and control components for special applications. Between 1980 and 1985, the company continuously expanded its own production of digital displays and electronic cabinets.  At the same time, the first own developments of limit switches and other devices were made. In 1999, Anderson Negele became the main supplier to the market and introduced capacitive level limit switches for hygienic applications. In 2004, Negele merged with the international Danaher group of companies, headquartered in the United States. 

Anderson-Negele is headquartered in Egg an der Günz, a town in Allgäu, Germany. The firm employs over 400 people worldwide. Through integration into the international technology group Danaher, Anderson-Negele has expanded its operations to many countries around the world. The main international offices of the firm are located in Europe. In addition, the company has 115 sales offices.

Anderson Negele's main motto is "Hygiene through Design". Numerous products and solutions from Negele comply with international quality standards. In the development, production and marketing of products, the company combines knowledge and experience with a thorough approach, care and high quality.

Products of the company

Temperature sensors for the food industry

The company produces the following types of temperature sensors: TFP FLEXadapt series; TFP series; TFP CLEANadapt series; TFP-100-BAT, DTG series; TFP Standard series; DART series. Manufactured according to CLEANadapt and FLEXadapt technologies. Thanks to CLEANadapt technology, the tapered sealing surfaces and sealing lips of the welded sleeves allow the installation of such sensors without the use of elastomers and dead zones. In addition, such sensors can be easily integrated into existing equipment without affecting its sterility. FLEXadapt technology allows mounting / dismounting of temperature sensors for their calibration and control at any time, without affecting the sterility of the process. Temperature sensors with hygienic mounting system, TFP FLEXadapt series; temperature sensors without thread, TFP series; temperature sensors with hygienic mounting system, TFP CLEANadapt series; temperature sensors with digital indicators, series TFP-100-BAT, DTG; temperature sensors with standard thread , TFP Standard series, digital temperature sensors for autoclaves ("Retort") and pasteurizers, DART series.

Fill level sensors for the food industry

They carry out continuous and hydrostatic measurement of the filling level, resistant to aggressive media. Negele offers the following types of level sensors: level sensors resistant to aggressive environments and temperatures with a hygienic mounting system, CLEANadapt LAR-361 series; continuous level measurement sensors, NSK series; fill level sensors, resistant to aggressive media and temperatures with direct connection, series LAR-761.

Limit switches for the food industry

Conductive level switches for tanks and pipelines, NVS, NCS series. Capacitive level sensors for tanks, series NCS-L. Detect and control the level, recognize the level in pipes and tanks, and provide overflow protection.

Pressure transmitters for the food industry

Compact pressure transmitters measure the working pressure in tanks and pipelines, digitally display the pressure on instruments, and monitor the pressure in tanks, separators and homogenizers. DAN-HH series compact pressure sensors; pressure sensors designed for operation at high temperatures, TF "Smart" series; digital pressure gauges of MAN-90-BAT series; pressure gauges with direct connection of the MAN-90 series; compact pressure gauges with hygienic mounting systems, CLEANadapt MAN-63 series; pressure gauges with built-in transmitters for homogenizers of the ELH series.

Flow sensors for the food industry

Flow control sensors in pipelines, FWS, FKS series; FMI series magnetic inductive flow meters; turbine flowmeters of the HM series. They control the flow rate and protect against dry running, measure the flow rate in short-term heating installations, as well as measure the flow rate of demineralized water.

Conductivity measuring instruments for the food industry

Measure concentration, control CIP processes, and control and ensure product quality. Instruments for inductive measurement of electrical conductivity of the ILM-2 series; inductive conductivity meters for systems with high quality requirements, ILM-3 series.

Turbidity measuring instruments for the food industry

Turbidity Meters (Backscattered Light), ITM-3 Series; turbidity measuring instruments (four-stream intermittent light), ITM-4 series. They control the return, control the condition of filters on the equipment for the production of drinks, as well as the reuse and preparation of water, control the operation of the separator.

Temperature sensors for pharmaceuticals

Temperature sensors measure the temperature in tanks and pipelines, in bioreactors, in aseptic installations, in pipelines of the minimum size, digital temperature indicators located on the body of the device. Temperature sensors with a hygienic mounting system TFP CLEANadapt series; temperature sensors with Tri-Clamp TFP series connection; temperature sensors with fermenter fittings series TFP-Fermenter; temperature sensors with aseptic mounting systems of the PHARMadapt ESP series; temperature sensors with digital indicators of the FJ series; temperature sensors with aseptic mounting systems of the PHARMadapt EPA series.

Fill Level Gauges for Pharmaceuticals

Level sensors resistant to extreme conditions, SX series; top-mounted level sensors, LA series; capacitive limit position switches with hygienic mounting systems of the NCS CLEANadapt series. Hydrostatic measurement of the filling level is carried out, the filling level of tanks and pipelines is determined.

Point level sensors for pharmaceuticals

Capacitive level sensors with PHARMadapt NCS EPA connectors; capacitive level limit switches, which are directly connected, series NCS-31P; capacitive level switches with fermenter fittings, series NCS-31. Determine the filling level in pipes with a minimum nominal bore, the filling level of tanks and pipelines.

Pharmaceutical pressure transmitters

Connected sensors for pressure aseptic systems, CPM series and Tri-Clamp series; a sensor designed for work in pressure autoclaves; digital pressure gauges, series EP; compact pressure gauges, EK series; manometers of the EM series.

Flow sensors for pharmaceuticals

FMI series magnetic inductive flow meters; turbine flow meters of the HMP series; calorimetric flow sensors of the FKS series.

Electrical conductivity meters for pharmaceuticals

Instruments for inductive conductivity measurement, ILM-2 series. Turbidity Meters: Turbidity Meters (Backscattered Light), ITM-3 Series; turbidity measuring devices (4-stream intermittent light), ITM-4 series.

Controllers, bus interfaces and transmitters

Modular I / O systems with bus interface, NRL series; compact regulators for a wide range of applications, NKS series; programmable universal measuring transducers of the NCI, VTV, VMU series.

Level sensors, simulators, indicators

Blocks for evaluating the measurement results of conductive limit position sensors, VNV, ZNV series; universal programmable digital indicators of DPM, PEM series; simulators for PT100 and unified signals, HSM-P, HSG-3 series.

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