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About the manufacturer

Automec Srl is an Italian manufacturer of gearmotors, which was established in 1974. From 1989 to 2000 Automec grew into a small structured company. Since then the activity has grown and has been structured to face the challenges of a market that is no longer just Milanese or Italian, but global. 

The mixture of innovation and tradition are Automec’s prominent concepts, which it follows constantly in order to keep the cutting-edge technology in the production processes. Currently Automec is engaged in a continuous effort to improve the gearmotors, whilst maintaining the simplicity and safety of their use.

Currently Automec’s official website shows materials they are using during production, how qualified their products are and presents a full assortment of product catalog. Thanks to Automec official dealers and distributors, it is providing its innovative products worldwide. Among Automec innovative products are Planetary Gearmotors, Worm Screw Gearmotors – Worm Screw + Planetary Gearmotors.