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The German manufacturer AVAG-Pumps was founded in 1984 and for more than 30 years has been not only manufacturing pumping equipment, but also producing various pipes, fittings and valves. At present, the product catalog includes about 25,000 items and is constantly expanding. The company's head office with about 40 employees and one of the production sites are located in Bad Wünnenberg. Since 1994 an office has been operating in France, and since 1996 a plant in Hungary.

Products of the company

Pump equipment

Traditional electric and self-priming pumps with cast iron and stainless steel housings. Pressure boosting systems, consisting of Ultra SV pumps with IPFC with automatic switch-on, protection against voltage surges and dry running. Fuel pumps, including barrel models, diesel transfer stations. Submersible pumps for wells of various types with stainless steel bodies. Self-priming pump for high pressure flushing (with or without detergent components). Hand pumps of suction and pressure type, including those used as an additional pump for lifting wastewater. Circulation pumps for heating and water supply systems, filter pumps for circulating water in pool filtration systems. Coolant pumps for machine tool cooling circuits. Self-contained pumps with a gasoline engine on a single motor frame. High pressure diaphragm pumps for spraying systems in agriculture. Bilge pumps for pumping lightly contaminated liquids. The pumps are supplied with a wide range of accessories including frequency inverters, flow monitors, pressure indicators, valves, power supply components.

Tanks, fittings, hoses, fittings and other equipment

AVAG-PUMPEN also manufactures tanks of various types: membrane, pressure, rainwater, wastewater, stainless steel for hygienic applications, expansion tanks. The fittings manufactured by the company are made of various standards and sizes of stainless steel, brass, bronze, copper, carbon steel and PVC. In the category of fittings for liquid media, the manufacturer offers ball valves and gate valves of various materials, check and stop valves, filters, float valves, wedge gate valves. AVAG-PUMPEN manufactures hoses for various applications: flexible, suction and pressure, garden and polyethylene, steel and copper, PVC and corrugated. Brass and stainless steel couplings are available for connecting water supply components. In addition, the manufacturer produces a series of heating devices including boilers, air heaters, radiators, oil burners, chimneys and bends.

We deliver equipment of AVAG PUMPEN
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We deliver equipment of AVAG PUMPEN
throughout the world


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