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Aventics (brand of Emerson)

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Our catalog contains the entire product line of the Aventics (brand of Emerson) manufacturer at good prices with door-to-door delivery to any region of United States, including your area: Ashburn. Our managers will help you to select and buy suitable Aventics (brand of Emerson) product or spare part, just right after sending an application form. To find out the prices and delivery time, please fill in the feedback form or send your inquiry to  
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AVENTICS is today one of the leaders in the production of pneumatic systems and components for pneumatic systems. The history of the company includes over 150 years of experience in the development and production of pneumatic systems. AVENTICS has its own chronology since 1869, when the Westinghouse Air Brake Company (WABCO) was founded and developed the air brake and today employs more than 2,000 people in offices around the world. The company's production facilities are located in Germany (Laatzen), France (Bonneville), Hungary (Eger), the USA (Lexington) and China (Changzhou), and AVENTICS dealers and sales offices offer its products in more than 90 countries around the world.

The AVENTICS group of companies is certified according to quality standards ISO 9001 and ISO / TS 16949 for quality, has a certificate of ISO 50001 for energy management, as well as an environmental certificate ISO 14001. At the moment, the company's products are used in road and rail transport, in the food industry, shipbuilding mining.

Industrial solutions in the field of automation of actions such as gripping, rotating control and monitoring, developed by AVENTICS, are characterized by the use of reliable components, compact design and the use of technologies with a low level of maintenance, which allows you to implement each project in the shortest possible time, while maintaining high energy efficiency and maximum energy savings.

The company's solutions are used in the food industry for the production of food packaging, in railway transport in brake and control pneumatic systems, in healthcare for low-pressure air equipment, in commercial transport (pneumatic valves and cylinders, air injection components, clutch actuators), in oil and gas industry (pneumatic valves are especially in demand).

The video above was taken from Aventics (brand of Emerson) official website/Youtube channel.

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