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BEI Sensors was formed in 2010 through the merger of BEI Industrial Encoders, BEI Duncan Electronics and BEI Ideacod. Each of the former BEI brands has received worldwide customer recognition for their ability to deliver high quality products for all types of demanding applications. For decades, BEI products have been applied in everything from elevators to military vehicles and oil rigs.

BEI Sensors specializes in speed and location sensors for extreme applications. With applications in the industrial, military, aerospace and SUV markets, BEI Sensors provides a wide range of products from industry standard to fully customized solutions for applications of any complexity. Drawing on twenty years of experience, BEI develops sensors that offer uncompromising quality, performance and reliability. The comprehensive product range includes optical and magnetic sensors, Hall sensors, potentiometers (wirewound, conductive plastic and hybrid), electronic interface modules, wireless communication modules, and a range of accessories for similar products.

Specialized products for extreme applications include waste and corrosive media costs, extended operating temperature range, high shock and vibration resistance, handling wet and dirty components, products also certified for use in hazardous areas.

BEI Sensors maintains the standard of quality for its products, customer service experience, and is committed to being the global leader in speed and location sensor technology. BEI Sensors is a brand of Custom Sensors & Technology (CST).

The video above was taken from Bei Sensors (brand of Sensata Technologies) official website/Youtube channel.

Products of the company

Optical angle encoders

Incremental, absolute one turn, and fully multi-turn encoder models available in hollow shafts and other options. Optical sensing offers the most accurate, high resolution sensor that is extremely rugged for use in harsh and dirty conditions. BEI Sensors are available for fast delivery - a pack of six styles to choose from from over 2000 different sensor configurations provided.

Magnetic Angle Sensors

Incremental, absolute one turn, and fully multi-turn encoder models available in a variety of options. Magnetic sensing is ideal for very high temperature and severe shock applications.

Rotating Hall Position Sensors

High performance, non-contact position sensor for rotary position control solutions with analog output. Models are available up to 6-turns with 2160 degrees of resolution.

Angle and Linear Potentiometers

Firmly contacting sensors are available with wirewound, conductive plastic and hybrid technology in a range of one or more configurations up to 3600 º (10 revolutions) of motion.

Cold Drawn Wire Sensors

Simple solution for measuring line speed and position. The cold drawn wire encoder line is available in the 1200 to 50,000 mm range in a variety of incremental and absolute encoder output options.


Robust and compact BEI inclinometers provide high resolution, excellent compaction in harsh environments, and various output parameters.

Electronic modules

DIN rail optical isolators, intrinsically safe barriers and other signal conditioning instruments.

SwiftComm ® wireless encoder interface

Wireless interface for industrial products encoder in real time. Incremental and SSI absolute versions.

Sensor Support Products

Most commonly used accessories including couplings, connectors / cable assemblies, and motor encoder mount adapters for motors from NEMA 23 frame size through 56 frame size.

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