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About the manufacturer

Belelli is the manufacturer of transformers, autotransformers, inductances, reactances, impedances and similar products for the most varied applications and it is established in Italy. Belelli has been creating high quality electromagnetic appliances for more than 45 years. Belelli’s standard and special products comply with the essential requisites of the European Directives in force and meet IEC, EN, UL and CSA Normes. 

Belelli's official website fully presents its product catalog. Belelli uses modern tools in order to upgrade The high quality of the raw materials. Belelli offers a wide range of product catalog: transformers, autotransformers, inductances, reactances, impedances, single phase transformers, toroidal transformers, triphase transformers. Premium quality products, good cooperation with distributors and dealers have helped Belelli to become one of the most reliable brands on the industrial market and to reach the growth in sales. 

The mixture of innovation and tradition are Belelli's prominent concepts, which it follows constantly in order to keep the cutting-edge technology in the production processes. For Belelli quality and performance are key measures in their production. Belelli with a long history of delivering reliable performance can continue to innovate in this field of industrial market.