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Bernstein is a renowned manufacturer and distributor of electromechanical signal acquisition and signal pre-processing components. Manufactures safety switches, sensors, housings and other products. The company was founded by the Bernstein brothers in Leipzig, Germany. Initially, the firm made products for electrical utility control systems. After the war, Hans Bernstein established his own business in Porta Westfallica, which became a business owned by the Bernstein family.

As a global manufacturer, Bernstein has always been associated with innovation, reliability and value. The experience gained over many years and a wealth of technical knowledge allow the company to develop products with the highest possible quality at optimal performance. In accordance with international safety requirements, Bernstein products are perfectly integrated into individual system solutions. The company's strategy is a complete commitment to safety for people, machines and production processes. Sensors, switches, housings and other products from Bernstein are successfully used in many industrial areas: the medical industry, industrial safety systems, the automotive industry, renewable energy sources and also in agriculture.

The video above was taken from Bernstein official website/Youtube channel.

Products of the company

Capacitive sensors

Bernstein proximity and object position sensors have the ability to switch the outgoing signal without mechanical interaction between the object and the device. Bernstein sensors are responsible for objects, their position, presence or absence in the investigated room, as well as sorting objects by size, color and other characteristics. Thanks to their multifunctional use, Bernstein sensors have proven themselves in the medical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, mechanical engineering and food industries.

Control enclosures

Bernstein aluminum control enclosures can be used to encapsulate control units, industrial computers and display components. Due to their modular concept, customized paintwork as well as timeless functional industrial design give outstanding results. All versions have a high protection class IP65.

Explosive products

These products include pre-assembled housings and safety switches for use in safety systems and in Zone 1 and 2 and Zone 21 and 22 Ex areas, and form the link between Safety Level (SIL) and Explosion Protection (ATEX). A wide range of system solutions are available.

Induction sensors

Inductive sensors are designed to detect metal objects only. The smaller the diameter of the device, the smaller the range of its sensitivity. Products are predominantly made of stainless steel and have a cylindrical shape. They are equipped with operating indicators, overvoltage and polarity rejection protection systems.

Industrial enclosures

Bernstein industrial enclosures are well known for encapsulating electrical, electronic and pneumatic components or small control units. Various types of enclosures, made of aluminum, polycarbonate, ABS or polyester, offer cost-effective solutions for each individual request and application.

Magnetic devices

Bernstein magnetic sensors in various shapes and designs, made of plastic or metal. The sensitive part is a magnetoresistor and a Hall element. Bernstein sensors do not lend themselves to mechanical stress, are triggered at long distances, and are adjusted in accordance with preset parameters.

Photovoltaic devices

Photoelectric sensors from Bernstein can be divided into three main types: through-beam, reflective, diffuse reflective. The specifications for these sensors are defined in EB 60947-5-2. The use of these systems depends primarily on the application and the operating environment. With their compact design, they offer much more flexibility than other sensor types. Commonly used in lifts, doors, railway and recycling industries.


Limit switches have functions designed to protect people and products in machinery, equipment and construction. The selection of safety equipment includes environmental conditions, installation situation and risk analysis.

Suspension systems

Bernstein provides a wide variety of aluminum and stainless steel suspension systems that can be configured modularly. The company offers low, medium and heavy duty systems with a wide range of accessories.


Bernstein electromechanical switches are characterized by a good price ratio and high reliability at various voltage levels. The range of products ranges from plastic limit switches, metal limit switches and footswitches to safety switching devices; the company provides a wide range of types, sizes, switching functions and actuators, so it has a solution for almost any application.

Teachable sensors

The Bernstein 6S range of trainable electronic magnetic sensors combines two programmable switch points and fully integrated electronics that boast the smallest dimensions in their class.

Ultrasonic sensors

Bernstein ultrasonic sensors provide excellent repeatability and linearity in detecting the exact position of objects. The sensors provide high precision performance on any material of any color, regardless of ambient light levels. They produce accurate results even with highly transparent objects such as films or glass surfaces and are completely independent of contamination levels on the sensor surface. These sensors also feature high sound intensity, which allows even the smallest objects to be detected with very high reliability. Ideal for level measurement - especially in transparent liquids.

Universal enclosures

Polycarbonate enclosures are highly efficient, designed to meet the IP68 performance requirements, UL / NEMA approved, making them industry leading. Easily accessible with extensive customer service.

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