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About the manufacturer

About company

ComInTec was founded in 1967 by Dante Cavalli and was originally called OMC Snc. She was engaged in the production of manual transmissions. Then, in 2010, the company changed its name to ComInTec and began to apply its experience and innovation to offer specialized development and production of high quality solutions, namely: power transmission components, backlash-free torque limiters, safety couplings, elastic couplings, disc couplings, and also offers variable speed pulleys, sliding pulleys, shaft collars and clamping yokes to its customers.

The company manufactures special components that play a vital role in the manufacture of automatic and manual transmission machines. These components create a transmission connection, avoiding accidental overloads while minimizing machine downtime. In addition, ComInTec products can improve productivity and reduce maintenance and repair costs.

ComInTec products are widely used in various fields:

  • Aerospace industry
  • Door systems
  • Woodworking industry
  • Marking
  • Marine engineering
  • Equipment for the production of paper
  • Seal
  • Bottling
  • Conveyors
  • Servo Driven Systems
  • Transportation systems
  • Solar energy
  • Machine tools
  • Heavy industry
  • Package

Since 1967, the company's business philosophy has been to provide only high quality products. The more attention is paid to product development, the higher the "overall quality" of the entire production and organizational process. So, in February 1996, the company undergoes quality system certification in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001-94. In May 2010, after a continuous development process, the company passed the 9001-2008 UNI EN ISO certification, according to the confirmation of its own consistency.

The high quality of the products featured in ComInTec's catalogs is the result of a process ranging from design, experimentation and development to careful selection of materials and testing procedures throughout the production cycle.

It should be noted that ComInTec has built a test bench (BP5000) where various experimental tests are systematically carried out on the main components of the groups or on prototypes. For special tests the employees of this company use external laboratories such as CERMET, as well as laboratories of the "Institute of Applied Mechanics" of the University of Bologna.

In addition, thanks to cooperation in external research such as BUGNION, ComInTec has developed important Italian and European patents.

Taking up the challenge of the international market, ComInTec excels at the production level, paying the utmost attention to the process of creating all the mechanical parts that make up the products, choosing the most suitable materials with appropriate heat and surface treatment, precision couplings and sanding at key points. These features ensure long-term performance and reliability.

In addition to manufacturing and design, the manufacturing process is monitored through 3D measuring instruments set up for final testing and calibration. Thanks to this technical / manufacturing flexibility, ComInTec is able to produce modular components that make it possible to create numerous variations of basic models based on customer needs.

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