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About the manufacturer

The rapid progress in all spheres of human activity has led to the rapid growth of the needs of society, and business, in turn, should contribute to their satisfaction. Thus, technology becomes the basis for progressive changes in the world. Datalogic brings to your attention unique modern technologies. The company's products are in wide demand and occupy a leading position in the world market. The brand's innovative solutions have found their way into self-service checkouts, airports and postal sorting offices around the world. The company focuses on the development of innovative and high quality equipment for data acquisition and industrial automation. The technologies and solutions of this company have found their application in areas such as healthcare, industry, retail, logistics, etc.

The history of the company goes back over 40 years - Datalogic was founded in 1972 by Romano Volta on the outskirts of Bologna. Initially, production was focused on electronic devices, but soon this direction was changed to the development and production of photoelectric sensors for the textile, ceramic and packaging industries. It should be noted that already in 1974 the company entered the international arena, which was marked by the opening of a small office in Nürtingen (Germany). In 1976, the company began selling its products in Japan, and in 1978 in the United States. Thus, by the end of the 70s, Datalogic is strengthening its sales and customer service network through the creation of subsidiaries and offices in all the leading European countries. Datalogic is now an end-to-end solution provider with years of experience in the design and manufacture of products such as sensors, vision and laser marking systems, barcode scanners, data collection terminals and more. All brand products fully comply with all modern requirements of the international market. First-class qualifications and a desire to please their customers are reflected in a uniquely wide range of high quality equipment and technologies. Datalogic has earned the trust of many companies around the world and has a reputation for providing reliable solutions that provide a range of benefits for any business.

Datalogic is an industrial group listed on the Italian Stock Exchange since 2001. It focuses on specific markets: Automatic Data Collection and Factory Automation, managing operations through two separate divisions supported by the Business Development Department. The company is a world leader in the retail sales of POS scanners. It offers the most complete line of handheld scanners for industrial use and a complete range of rugged handheld computers for warehouse solutions, aftermarket automation, in-store retail and healthcare. Datalogic Industrial Automation specializes in supplying products and solutions for the industrial automation market. It is one of the leading global manufacturers of automatic identification, security, detection and labeling solutions.

The Business Development Division (through IP Tech Srl) consists of three main units: Finding New Needs and Solutions, Datalogic LABS, Mergers and Acquisitions. The department focuses on the development of new products and technological solutions to meet all customer needs. Informatics Inc. is headquartered in the USA, Plano, Texas. It consists of two divisions, System ID (identification systems) and WASP Barcode (barcode scanners), providing easy-to-use solutions for more than 275,000 small and medium-sized businesses in the US and UK.

Excellence in products and services, as well as a focus on and respect for the environment and personnel safety, are key elements of Datalogic's business, which are regularly monitored and continuously improved. The company sets itself a difficult task - to satisfy the needs of each customer through the consistently high quality of goods and services. This is ensured through highly qualified pre-sales consulting, high level of technical support and fast delivery. To achieve the highest quality, all brand products are subject to strict controls and a series of tests in order to comply with all international norms and standards.

Products of the company



Datalogic are suitable for universal use and for specific purposes. The company manufactures a very wide range of sensors. The series for monitoring contrast marks, edges and object widths at various distances on transparent and colored substrates are specially designed to meet all the requirements of various industries. The company manufactures a very wide range of sensors: photoelectric, incremental, absolute, multiturn, linear measuring sensors, proximity switches and a wide range of accessories. In addition, the company's product list includes items such as LANEHAWK ™ LH4000 loss prevention system, light curtains, control units, photocells, smart cameras and software.

Data collection terminals

Data collection terminals

Datalogic Memor data collection terminals are small in size, resemble a radiotelephone, and are equipped with a wireless control system. Made of high-strength materials, dust- and moisture-resistant, shock-resistant. They work on the basis of the operating system Windows CE 5.0 or Windows Mobile 6.1, have an easy way of operation and wide possibilities of computing characteristics. It has a built-in laser scanner or 2D imager for reading information.

Barcode Scanners

Barcode Scanners

Barcode scanners are designed to accurately read encrypted information from any category of goods. They are compact in design and easy to operate. Suitable for use in a wide range of applications, from retail outlets to industrial plants. Datalogic's General Purpose Readers series line scanners feature low cost, high quality and reliable manual and automated operation in the service and trade sectors. The devices are easy to connect and configure, and accurately read information even from damaged barcodes at long distances. Have a special tabletop stand for automatic scanning. Scanners of this class are considered entry-level devices, but they are guaranteed for a long service life, even with intensive, daily use. Datalogic desktop multi-plane scanners are designed for faster and more comfortable work of operators, and can also be individually designed for installation in cash registers. Used in large shopping malls, supermarkets and boutiques. They can also be used manually for reading barcodes from large or heavy goods. The scanners are highly durable and shock and drop resistant. Magellan series desktop multi-plane scanners are effectively used in the organization of security systems in retail outlets, thanks to the function of editing tags. Datalogic's wireless scanners help decode products at long distances from a personal computer. This class of scanners is represented by two main models. The QuickScan Mobile QM-2130 helps to read and transmit codes up to 12 meters away from the main accounting system. Suitable for shops and commercial facilities, does not create any radio interference, several devices can be used in the same room. The PowerSkan PD-7000BT model is an industrial scanner that can scan and transmit data up to 100 meters from the main base. The device is specially designed to function in harsh conditions, has a robust, reliable construction with materials that are resistant to negative external influences. Suitable for use at large-scale enterprises, warehouses, construction trade facilities.


Accumulators (rechargeable batteries)

Power supplies

Charging device

Weigh modules

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