Laser Sensor LHT 81 M 400 G4L-IBS Di-Soric 203685
Laser Sensor LHT 81 M 400 G4L-IBS Di-Soric 203685
Laser Sensor LHT 81 M 400 G4L-IBS Di-Soric 203685
Laser Sensor LHT 81 M 400 G4L-IBS Di-Soric 203685

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LHT 81 M 400 G4L-IBS 203685 Di-Soric Laser Sensor






LHT 81 M 400 G4L-IBS

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Optischer Sensor LHT 81 M 400 G4L-IBS

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Specifications LHT 81 M 400 G4L-IBS 203685

The LHT 81 M 400 G4L-IBS sensor boasts several notable features and technical specifications:Technical Specifications:Measurement Range: This sensor is designed for measuring distances, and it offers a measurement range of up to 400 millimeters.Measurement Principle: It operates on the time-of-flight measurement principle, which involves sending a light signal and measuring the time it takes to return after reflecting off the target.Light Source: The sensor uses a laser diode as its light source, providing a narrow, precise light beam.Accuracy: With a high accuracy level, it is capable of measuring distances with great precision, making it suitable for applications that demand accurate measurements.Output Type: The sensor provides a digital output signal, often in the form of a Push-Pull (PNP/NPN) signal, making it compatible with various control systems.Usage and Applications:Distance Measurement: The LHT 81 M 400 G4L-IBS is primarily used for distance measurement tasks. Its wide measurement range and high accuracy make it valuable in applications that require precise distance data.Industrial Automation: It plays a crucial role in industrial automation, especially in processes that involve positioning or sorting objects based on distance.Quality Control: This sensor is commonly employed in quality control applications to ensure products meet specific dimensional requirements.Material Handling: It is used in material handling systems, such as conveyor belts, to detect the presence or position of objects.Robotics: The sensor is also found in robotics applications, where it assists robots in navigating their environment by detecting obstacles and measuring distances.The LHT 81 M 400 G4L-IBS sensor is a versatile and highly accurate device suitable for a wide range of industrial applications where precise distance measurement is essential. Its reliability and performance make it a valuable component in automation, quality control, and robotics systems.

Features LHT 81 M 400 G4L-IBS 203685

Service voltage: 10 … 35 V DC No-load current (max.): 30 mA Insulation voltage endurance: 500 V Housing dimensions: 76 x 30 x 18 mm Housing length: 30 mm Housing height: 76 mm Housing width: 18 mm Housing material: Die-cast zinc (Black, painted) Material: Polycarbonate (Window) Protection class: III, operation on protective low voltage Operating principle: Diffuse sensor with background suppression Evaluation: digital Design: Cuboid design Switching output: Push-pull, 200 mA, NO/NC, antivalent Optical data Light source: Laser Laser class: 2 (IEC 60825-1) Color: red Wavelength: 650 nm Modulation: Clocked Background suppression: Yes Ambient light immunity: 5 kLx Switching distance: 400 to 800 mm as diffuse sensor Scanning range: 40 … 400 mm Switching hysteresis (max.): 1 % Sensitivity adjustment: Potentiometer (6-turn) Switching frequency: 1.000 Hz Ambient temperature during operation: -20 … +60 °C Protection type: IP 67 Connection: Connector, M12, 4-pin Accessories Connection cable: VK …