Fork barrier OGU 021 P3K-TSSL Di-Soric 201245
Fork barrier OGU 021 P3K-TSSL Di-Soric 201245

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OGU 021 P3K-TSSL 201245 Di-Soric Fork barrier







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Fork barrier


OGU 021 P3K-TSSL Gabellichtschranke Gabelweite: 20 mm Schenkellänge: 25 mm Sendelicht: Rot, getaktet Schaltausgang: pnp, 200 mA, NO/NC, umschaltbar Anschluss: Stecker, M8, 3-polig

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Specifications OGU 021 P3K-TSSL 201245

The OGU 021 P3K-TSSL sensor is a highly specialized industrial device designed for precise object detection applications. It offers reliable and versatile performance in demanding industrial environments.One of its key features is its use of time-of-flight technology, which enables it to measure distances with extreme accuracy. The sensor emits infrared light pulses with a wavelength of 850 nm and calculates the time it takes for the light to bounce back from the object, allowing it to determine the object's distance. The detection range can be adjusted from 30 mm to 2,100 mm, making it suitable for various applications.The OGU 021 P3K-TSSL sensor is equipped with a solid-state switching output, simplifying its integration into industrial automation systems. It also has a background suppression function to filter out unwanted objects or background interference, ensuring reliable detection.This sensor is known for its ease of configuration and adjustment, allowing users to customize it to meet their specific requirements. Its robust housing is designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, including exposure to moisture and dust.In summary, the OGU 021 P3K-TSSL sensor is a highly accurate and versatile time-of-flight sensor, ideal for industrial applications requiring precise object detection at varying distances. Its advanced technology and rugged construction make it a valuable tool for industrial automation.