Fork barrier OGU 051 G3-T3 Di-Soric 210244
Fork barrier OGU 051 G3-T3 Di-Soric 210244
Fork barrier OGU 051 G3-T3 Di-Soric 210244
Fork barrier OGU 051 G3-T3 Di-Soric 210244
Fork barrier OGU 051 G3-T3 Di-Soric 210244
Fork barrier OGU 051 G3-T3 Di-Soric 210244
Fork barrier OGU 051 G3-T3 Di-Soric 210244

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OGU 051 G3-T3 210244 Di-Soric Fork barrier






OGU 051 G3-T3

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Safety light barriers


Fork barrier


OGU 051 G3-T3 Gabellichtschranke Funktionsprinzip: Optisch Sendelichtquelle: LED Lichtfarbe: Rot Gabelweite: 50 mm Betriebsspannung: 10 ... 30 V DC Leerlaufstrom (max.): 30 mA Schaltausgang: Gegentakt, 100 mA, NO/NC Schnittstelle: IO-Link (V1.1, COM2 38,4 kBd, Smart Sensor Profile) Gehäusematerial: Zinkdruckguss, schwarz (pulverbeschichtet) Größe: 70 x 80 x 10 mm Umgebungstemperatur Betrieb: -25 ... +60 °C Anschluss: Stecker, M8, 3-polig

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Specifications OGU 051 G3-T3 210244

The OGU 051 G3-T3 is a highly advanced industrial sensor that offers exceptional performance and reliability. With its cutting-edge technology and precise detection capabilities, this sensor is designed to optimize production processes and increase efficiency in various industries.

One of the key features of the OGU 051 G3-T3 is its high-speed response time, which allows for quick and accurate detection of objects in the sensing range. This enables rapid feedback and enables seamless integration into high-speed automation systems.

Equipped with a robust housing, the sensor is resistant to harsh environmental conditions, making it suitable for use in demanding industrial applications. It can withstand temperatures ranging from -25°C to 70°C, ensuring reliable operation in extreme environments.

The OGU 051 G3-T3 is highly versatile and can be used in a wide range of applications including packaging, material handling, assembly lines, and quality control processes. Its flexible mounting options and adjustable sensing parameters make it adaptable to various production setups, enhancing its versatility.

This innovative sensor utilizes advanced technology, including state-of-the-art optics and integrated microprocessors, to deliver reliable and consistent performance. Its intelligent design allows for easy integration and configuration, reducing installation time and effort.

The OGU 051 G3-T3 offers precise and accurate object detection capabilities, ensuring reliable and repeatable results. It can detect a variety of objects, including transparent and reflective surfaces, and is capable of differentiating between objects of various shapes and sizes.

In summary, the OGU 051 G3-T3 industrial sensor by DI-SORIC is a high-performance and reliable device that is designed to optimize production processes and enhance automation systems across various industries. With its advanced features, rugged design, and versatile applications, this sensor is a valuable tool for improving operational efficiency and productivity.

Features OGU 051 G3-T3 210244

Electrical features
Service voltage 10 … 30 V DC
No-load current (max.) 30 mA
Insulation voltage endurance 500 V
Certifications, approvals
Protection class III, operation on protective low voltage
General features
Operating principle Optical
Evaluation digital
Design Fork
Functional scope
Output, input, interface
Switching output Push-pull, 100 mA, NO/NC, switchable
Interface IO-Link (V1.1, COM2 38.4 kBd, Smart Sensor Profile)
Optical data
Light source LED
Color red
Modulation Clocked
Detection range, measuring range, tolerance limits
Fork opening 50 mm
Resolution (factory setting) 0,3 mm (STANDARD)
Reproducibility (factory setting) 0,02 mm (STANDARD)
Resolution (STANDARD) 0,3 mm
Reproducibility (STANDARD) 0,02 mm
Resolution (HIGH RESOLUTION) 0,2 mm
Reproducibility (HIGH RESOLUTION) 0,02 mm
Resolution (POWER) 1 mm
Reproducibility (POWER) 0,02 mm
Resolution (SPEED) 0,3 mm
Reproducibility (SPEED) 0,02 mm
Display, operation
Sensitivity adjustment Potentiometer or IO-Link
Time behavior
Switching frequency (factory setting) 5.000 Hz (STANDARD)
Switching frequency (STANDARD) 5.000 Hz
Switching frequency (HIGH RESOLUTION) 1.500 Hz
Switching frequency (POWER) 250 Hz
Switching frequency (SPEED) 8.000 Hz
Ambient conditions
Ambient temperature during operation -25 … +60 °C
Protection type IP 67
Electrical connection
Connection Connector, M8, 3-pin
Connection cable TK …