Fork barrier OGU 121 G3-T3 Di-Soric 210246
Fork barrier OGU 121 G3-T3 Di-Soric 210246
Fork barrier OGU 121 G3-T3 Di-Soric 210246
Fork barrier OGU 121 G3-T3 Di-Soric 210246
Fork barrier OGU 121 G3-T3 Di-Soric 210246
Fork barrier OGU 121 G3-T3 Di-Soric 210246
Fork barrier OGU 121 G3-T3 Di-Soric 210246

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OGU 121 G3-T3 210246 Di-Soric Fork barrier






OGU 121 G3-T3

Part number



Safety light barriers


Fork barrier


Fork light barrier OGU with LED OGU 121 G3-T3

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Specifications OGU 121 G3-T3 210246

The OGU 121 G3-T3 is a highly advanced product with unique features and exceptional technical specifications. It is designed to provide accurate and reliable performance in various industrial applications, offering versatility and efficiency.

This product incorporates cutting-edge technology, making it a valuable asset in industrial automation. Its compact design, combined with its robust construction, ensures durability and longevity even in demanding environments. The OGU 121 G3-T3 features a high-resolution sensor that enables precise detection and measurement.

Equipped with advanced signal processing capabilities, this product delivers accurate and real-time data, allowing for seamless integration into existing control systems. Its intelligent software algorithms contribute to its high level of accuracy, making it suitable for applications where precise measurements are crucial.

The OGU 121 G3-T3 is capable of detecting a wide range of objects with different material and surface characteristics. Its adjustable sensing range enhances its adaptability to various working conditions, making it suitable for use in diverse industrial settings.

This product offers easy installation and simple configuration through its user-friendly interface. Its versatile mounting options and flexible connectivity ensure seamless integration into existing systems. Furthermore, the OGU 121 G3-T3 is designed to withstand vibration, shocks, and temperature variations, guaranteeing reliable operation in challenging environments.

Overall, the OGU 121 G3-T3 serves as a powerful and reliable solution that meets the demands of industrial automation. With its exceptional technical capabilities and user-friendly design, it empowers businesses to optimize their processes, enhance productivity, and achieve greater operational efficiency.

Features OGU 121 G3-T3 210246

Light Source

LED-Visible Red


0.5 mm

Housing Size

144 / 90 / 144 mm

Fork Length

60 mm

Housing Material

Zinc | Black

Weight (g)


Switching Output

Push-pull | 100 mA | NO/NC | switchable



Light Colour


Switching Frequency

5000 Hz

Sensitivity Adjustment

Potentiometer or IO-Link


M8 | 3-pin

IP Rating


Operating Temperature Range

-25 to +65 °C