Optical Sensor OGUTI 005/50 FG3K-TSSL Di-Soric 203443
Optical Sensor OGUTI 005/50 FG3K-TSSL Di-Soric 203443
Optical Sensor OGUTI 005/50 FG3K-TSSL Di-Soric 203443
Optical Sensor OGUTI 005/50 FG3K-TSSL Di-Soric 203443

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OGUTI 005/50 FG3K-TSSL 203443 Di-Soric Optical Sensor







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Specifications OGUTI 005/50 FG3K-TSSL 203443

The OGUTI 005/50 FG3K-TSSL is a highly advanced optical sensor engineered for precise and reliable object detection in industrial applications. Here are its key technical features and common applications:Key Technical Features:Sensing Technology: The OGUTI 005/50 FG3K-TSSL utilizes cutting-edge optical sensing technology, ensuring accurate and consistent object detection.Working Principle: This sensor operates on the principle of light modulation, where variations in the received light signal trigger object detection.Output Options: The sensor offers versatile output configurations, including NPN and PNP, making it compatible with a wide array of industrial control systems.Light Source: Equipped with a powerful and focused LED light source, it guarantees reliable detection, even in challenging lighting conditions.Sensitivity Adjustment: Users have the flexibility to fine-tune the sensor's sensitivity to meet specific application requirements, enabling precise object detection.Housing: The sensor features a rugged and robust housing, designed to withstand harsh industrial environments, ensuring long-term durability.Connection: It comes with a convenient connector for straightforward installation and maintenance.Usage and Applications:The OGUTI 005/50 FG3K-TSSL sensor finds widespread applications across various industries for a multitude of tasks:Automated Machinery: It plays a pivotal role in automated machinery and production lines for object detection, ensuring smooth workflow.Packaging Lines: Integrated into packaging machines, it detects the presence or absence of packaging materials and products, contributing to efficient packaging processes.Conveyor Systems: Commonly utilized in conveyor systems for precise object detection and sorting operations.Quality Control: The sensor is indispensable for quality control procedures, assisting in the identification of defects or anomalies in manufactured products.Material Handling: It aids in material handling systems, ensuring accurate positioning and movement of objects.Logistics and Warehousing: In logistics and warehousing operations, it assists in inventory management and object detection.In summary, the OGUTI 005/50 FG3K-TSSL is an advanced optical sensor designed for precise and versatile object detection in industrial environments. With its state-of-the-art technology, adjustable sensitivity, and rugged construction, it serves as a valuable tool in maintaining operational efficiency and quality control.

Features OGUTI 005/50 FG3K-TSSL 203443

Service voltage: 10 … 30 V DC (Supply Class 2) No-load current (max.): 35 mA Insulation voltage endurance: 500 V Leg length internal: 50 mm Housing dimensions: 60 x 28,5 x 10 mm Housing length: 60 mm Housing height: 28,5 mm Housing width: 10 mm Housing material: Die-cast zinc (Black, painted) Protection class: III, operation on protective low voltage Operating principle: Optical Evaluation: digital Design: Fork Product series: OGUTI Optical Switching output: Push-pull, 100 mA, NO/NC, switchable Voltage drop (max.): 2 V Optical data Light source: LED Color: Infrared Wavelength: 880 nm Modulation: Clocked Ambient light immunity: 40 kLx Fork opening: 5 mm Switching hysteresis (max.): 0,15 mm Label interspace: > 2 mm Reproducibility: 0,05 mm Sensitivity adjustment: Teach button, Remote teach Switching frequency: 3.000 Hz Ambient temperature during operation: -10 … +60 °C Protection type: IP 67 Connection: Connector, M8, 4-pin Accessories Connection cable: TK … /4