Frame barrier OGWSD 150 P3K-TSSL Di-Soric 201405
Frame barrier OGWSD 150 P3K-TSSL Di-Soric 201405
Frame barrier OGWSD 150 P3K-TSSL Di-Soric 201405
Frame barrier OGWSD 150 P3K-TSSL Di-Soric 201405

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OGWSD 150 P3K-TSSL 201405 Di-Soric Frame barrier







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Frame light barriers OGWSD OGWSD 150 P3K-TSSL

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Specifications OGWSD 150 P3K-TSSL 201405

The OGWSD 150 P3K-TSSL is a highly specialized safety sensor designed to meet stringent industrial safety requirements. This sensor incorporates a range of technical features and specifications to ensure its reliability and effectiveness in demanding safety applications.Operating at a specific voltage and current rating, this safety sensor is engineered to deliver precise and reliable detection, making it well-suited for use in machinery and equipment where safety is a top priority.The OGWSD 150 P3K-TSSL is employed in industrial settings to detect the presence or absence of objects, ensuring the safety of personnel and preventing hazardous situations. It excels in applications where rapid and accurate hazard detection is crucial.One of its standout features is its ability to provide high-resolution, high-frequency signals, allowing for quick and precise response to safety events. Additionally, it incorporates built-in diagnostics functions that enhance its performance monitoring, contributing to the overall safety system's effectiveness.In summary, the OGWSD 150 P3K-TSSL is a specialized safety sensor designed for precision and reliability in industrial safety applications. It operates at specific voltage and current ratings and offers high-resolution signal output, making it an essential component for ensuring safety in machinery and equipment.

Features OGWSD 150 P3K-TSSL 201405

Service voltage: 18 … 35 V DC No-load current (max.): 45 mA Insulation voltage endurance: 500 V Housing material: Aluminum (Black, Anodized) Protection class: III, operation on protective low voltage Operating principle: Optical Evaluation: digital, Dynamic/static switchable Switching output: pnp, 200 mA, NO/NC, switchable Voltage drop (max.): 2,5 V Pulse stretching: 0,1 … 150 ms adjustable Optical data Light source: LED Color: Infrared Wavelength: 940 nm Modulation: Clocked Ambient light immunity: 20 kLx Detection range: 150 x 142 mm Resolution: Ø 3,0 mm (dynamic), Ø 5,0 mm (static) Sensitivity adjustment: Potentiometer Response time: 0,10 ms Release time: 0,10 … 150 ms Ambient temperature during operation: 0 … +60 °C Protection type: IP 67 Connection: Connector, M8, 3-pin Accessories Connection cable: TK …