Reflective sensor OT 6-18 KR 400 P3LK Di-Soric 204011
Reflective sensor OT 6-18 KR 400 P3LK Di-Soric 204011
Reflective sensor OT 6-18 KR 400 P3LK Di-Soric 204011
Reflective sensor OT 6-18 KR 400 P3LK Di-Soric 204011

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OT 6-18 KR 400 P3LK 204011 Di-Soric Reflective sensor






OT 6-18 KR 400 P3LK

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Specifications OT 6-18 KR 400 P3LK 204011

The OT 6-18 KR 400 P3LK is a specialized safety sensor designed for industrial applications, characterized by its unique features and technical specifications. It plays a critical role in enhancing safety and control within industrial environments. Here are the key attributes and details:Type: This sensor falls under the category of safety devices, specifically designed to ensure safety and control in industrial settings.Sensing Principle: The OT 6-18 KR 400 P3LK operates based on optical principles, making it highly efficient and reliable in detecting objects and ensuring safety.Housing: It boasts a durable and robust housing, built to withstand the rigors of industrial environments, including exposure to dust, moisture, and mechanical stress.Sensing Range: This sensor offers a versatile sensing range, with an operational capacity spanning from 6 mm to 18 mm. This range makes it suitable for various applications requiring proximity or presence detection.Output: It provides a digital output signal, which can be easily integrated into industrial control systems and safety circuits, allowing for seamless automation and monitoring.Mounting Options: The OT 6-18 KR 400 P3LK offers flexible mounting options, ensuring adaptability to diverse installation needs and application requirements.Applications: This sensor finds extensive use in industrial machinery, conveyor systems, and robotic applications. Its primary purpose is to enhance safety by detecting the presence or absence of objects within its sensing range.Safety Compliance: The sensor complies with industry-specific safety standards and regulations, ensuring it meets the necessary safety criteria for industrial use.Diagnostic Features: It incorporates diagnostic functionalities for continuous monitoring of its performance. This capability allows for early detection of deviations or faults, contributing to the overall reliability of industrial processes.In summary, the OT 6-18 KR 400 P3LK is a versatile safety sensor designed to improve safety and control in industrial environments. With its optical sensing technology, durable construction, and flexible mounting options, it plays a vital role in enhancing the safety of machinery and processes in a wide range of industrial applications.

Features OT 6-18 KR 400 P3LK 204011

Service voltage: 10 … 30 V DC No-load current (max.): 30 mA Housing material: Plastic (ABS) Material: PMMA (Window) Protection class: III, operation on protective low voltage Operating principle: Diffuse sensor Evaluation: digital Design: Cuboid design Switching output: pnp, 100 mA, NO/NC, programmable Optical data Light source: LED Color: Infrared Wavelength: 880 nm Modulation: Clocked Ambient light immunity: 3 kLx Clocked light, 10 kLx Sunlight Scanning range: 400 mm Standardized measuring plate: 200 x 200 mm (white) Sensitivity adjustment: Potentiometer Switching frequency: 333 Hz Response time: 1,5 ms Release time: 1,5 ms Ambient temperature during operation: -25 … +50 °C Protection type: IP 66 Connection: Cable, 2,0 m