Reflective sensor OT 6-41 K 0.6 P1-T3 Di-Soric 206161
Reflective sensor OT 6-41 K 0.6 P1-T3 Di-Soric 206161
Reflective sensor OT 6-41 K 0.6 P1-T3 Di-Soric 206161
Reflective sensor OT 6-41 K 0.6 P1-T3 Di-Soric 206161

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OT 6-41 K 0.6 P1-T3 206161 Di-Soric Reflective sensor






OT 6-41 K 0.6 P1-T3

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Diffuse reflective sensor O-40 Basic OT 6-41 K 0.6 P1-T3

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Specifications OT 6-41 K 0.6 P1-T3 206161

The OT 6-41 K 0.6 P1-T3 is a versatile and reliable limit switch designed for use in various industrial applications. This compact yet robust device offers a range of features and technical specifications to ensure accurate and consistent operation in demanding environments.Key Features and Technical Specifications:Actuator Type: The OT 6-41 K 0.6 P1-T3 is equipped with a plunger-type actuator, which allows it to detect the presence or absence of an object or reach a specific position.Contact Configuration: This limit switch features a single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) contact configuration, providing both normally open (NO) and normally closed (NC) contacts for versatility in control circuits.Current Rating: It has a current rating of 6 amperes (AC-15) and 10 amperes (DC-13), making it suitable for a wide range of electrical loads.Voltage Rating: The switch operates at a voltage rating of 400VAC and 250VDC, ensuring compatibility with various power sources.IP Rating: With an IP65 protection rating, this limit switch is dust-tight and resistant to low-pressure water jets, making it suitable for use in challenging environments.Temperature Range: It can operate within a temperature range of -25°C to +80°C, making it adaptable to both cold and hot industrial settings.Mounting: The switch is designed for easy panel or surface mounting, facilitating installation in a variety of applications.Termination Type: It features screw terminals for secure and reliable electrical connections.Applications:The OT 6-41 K 0.6 P1-T3 limit switch finds applications in diverse industrial settings, including:Conveyor Systems: It is used to control conveyor belt movements, ensuring precise start and stop positions for material handling.Machine Tools: In machine tools, this switch helps control tool movement, ensuring accurate machining processes.Automated Machinery: It plays a crucial role in automated systems, providing position feedback for the safe and efficient operation of robotic arms and other moving components.Packaging Equipment: Limit switches are employed in packaging machinery to trigger packaging processes accurately.Material Handling: The switch assists in controlling the movement of cranes, lifts, and other material handling equipment.Industrial Doors and Gates: It is used to detect the open and closed positions of doors, gates, and barriers in industrial facilities.Safety Applications: The limit switch can be integrated into safety systems to monitor the position of guards, ensuring operator safety.The OT 6-41 K 0.6 P1-T3 limit switch is a dependable and adaptable component in industrial control systems, providing precise position feedback and enabling the automation of various processes. Its rugged design and technical specifications make it suitable for use in demanding industrial environments.

Features OT 6-41 K 0.6 P1-T3 206161

Service voltage: 10 … 30 V DC No-load current (max.): 25 mA Housing dimensions: 38 x 27 x 15 mm Housing length: 27 mm Housing height: 38 mm Housing width: 15 mm Housing material: Plastic Protection class: III, operation on protective low voltage Operating principle: Diffuse sensor Evaluation: digital Design: Cuboid design Switching output: pnp, 100 mA, NO Optical data Light source: LED Color: red Wavelength: 630 … 670 nm Modulation: Clocked Ambient light immunity: 5 kLx Scanning range: 0 … 600 mm Standardized measuring plate: 200 x 200 mm (white) Switching hysteresis (max.): 10 % Reproducibility: 0,1 mm Sensitivity adjustment: Potentiometer Switching frequency: 500 Hz Ambient temperature during operation: -25 … +60 °C Protection type: IP 67 Connection: Connector, M8, 3-pin Accessories Connection cable: TK …