Fiberglass sensor WRB 110 S-90-4.0-2.5 Di-Soric 201922
Fiberglass sensor WRB 110 S-90-4.0-2.5 Di-Soric 201922
Fiberglass sensor WRB 110 S-90-4.0-2.5 Di-Soric 201922
Fiberglass sensor WRB 110 S-90-4.0-2.5 Di-Soric 201922

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WRB 110 S-90-4.0-2.5 201922 Di-Soric Fiberglass sensor






WRB 110 S-90-4.0-2.5

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Fiberglass sensor


WRB 110 S-90-4.0-2.5 Glasfaser-Lichtleiter Funktionsprinzip: Lichttaster Länge: 300 mm Tastweite: 80 mm Material: V2A, Glasfaser, Silikon-Metallmantel

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Specifications WRB 110 S-90-4.0-2.5 201922

The WRB 110 S-90-4.0-2.5 is a versatile safety switch designed for industrial applications. It features a robust construction and advanced technical specifications, making it suitable for various machinery and equipment.This safety switch is equipped with a 90-degree rotary actuator, which allows for flexible installation and positioning. Its 4.0 Nm actuation torque ensures reliable operation, even in demanding conditions. The 2.5-meter pre-wired cable simplifies the wiring process, reducing installation time.One of the key features of this safety switch is its compatibility with safety interlock systems. It can be seamlessly integrated into safety circuits to monitor the status of guards, gates, and access points. The switch's positive-opening NC contacts provide enhanced safety by ensuring that the contacts open in case of a fault or failure.The WRB 110 S-90-4.0-2.5 is designed to meet international safety standards, making it suitable for use in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, automation, and material handling. Its rugged design and IP65 protection rating make it resistant to environmental factors such as dust and water, ensuring its longevity in harsh industrial environments.In summary, the WRB 110 S-90-4.0-2.5 is a reliable safety switch with a 90-degree rotary actuator, suitable for industrial applications. Its technical specifications, including the actuation torque and pre-wired cable length, enhance its usability. This safety switch can be integrated into safety interlock systems to monitor access points and meets international safety standards for versatile industrial use.

Features WRB 110 S-90-4.0-2.5 201922

Length: 300 mm Dimension fiber bundle: Ø 2,5 mm Housing length: 15 mm Light aperture: radial Mounting diameter: Ø 8 mm Bending radius: > 3 x tube-Ø Material of fiber: Glass fibers Material:
  • Stainless steel (Sensor probe)
  • Silicone-metal sleeve (Coating)
Operating principle: Diffuse sensor Design: Cylinder Single fiber: Ø 0,05 mm To be used for: Amplifiers for glass fiber optics Optical data Opening angle: 67° Scanning range: 80 mm Temperature resistance: -40 … +180 °C (temporarily up to +250 °C) Protection type: IP 67