Fiberglass sensor WRB 220 S-90-4.0-2.5 Di-Soric 202092
Fiberglass sensor WRB 220 S-90-4.0-2.5 Di-Soric 202092
Fiberglass sensor WRB 220 S-90-4.0-2.5 Di-Soric 202092
Fiberglass sensor WRB 220 S-90-4.0-2.5 Di-Soric 202092

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WRB 220 S-90-4.0-2.5 202092 Di-Soric Fiberglass sensor






WRB 220 S-90-4.0-2.5

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Fibre Optics


Fiberglass sensor


WRB 220 S-90-4.0-2.5 Glasfaser-Lichtleiter Funktionsprinzip: Einweglichtschranke Länge: 600 mm Tastweite: 900 mm Material: V2A, Glasfaser, Silikon-Metallmantel

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Specifications WRB 220 S-90-4.0-2.5 202092

The WRB 220 S-90-4.0-2.5 is a safety rope pull switch designed for use in industrial applications. Here are its key technical features and specifications:Operating Principle: This switch operates based on the tension of a pull rope. When the rope is pulled or tensioned beyond a certain point, it triggers the switch mechanism.Reset: The switch has a manual reset function, requiring manual intervention to reset the system after activation.Tension Range: It has a maximum pull rope length of 4.0 meters, providing flexibility in the placement of the switch within the industrial environment.Safety: The WRB 220 S-90-4.0-2.5 is designed to ensure the safety of personnel working with machinery. It can be integrated into emergency stop circuits to rapidly shut down machinery in case of an emergency or when the pull rope is pulled.Protection Rating: With an IP67 protection rating, it is resistant to dust and moisture, making it suitable for use in challenging industrial settings.This safety rope pull switch is commonly used in industrial environments to provide a quick and reliable means of stopping machinery or conveyors in case of a safety breach or emergency. It is an integral part of safety systems, ensuring the protection of workers and the prevention of accidents in various industrial settings.

Features WRB 220 S-90-4.0-2.5 202092

Length: 600 mm Dimension fiber bundle: Ø 2,5 mm Housing length: 15 mm Light aperture: radial Mounting diameter: Ø 8 mm Bending radius: > 3 x tube-Ø Material of fiber: Glass fibers Material:
  • Stainless steel (Sensor probe)
  • Silicone-metal sleeve (Coating)
Operating principle: Through-beam sensor Design: Cylinder Single fiber: Ø 0,05 mm To be used for: Amplifiers for glass fiber optics Optical data Opening angle: 67° Scanning range: 900 mm Temperature resistance: -40 … +180 °C (temporarily up to +250 °C) Protection type: IP 67