RS 40 M 6000 G8L-IBS Di-Soric 204165
 RS 40 M 6000 G8L-IBS Di-Soric 204165
 RS 40 M 6000 G8L-IBS Di-Soric 204165
 RS 40 M 6000 G8L-IBS Di-Soric 204165

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RS 40 M 6000 G8L-IBS 204165 Di-Soric






RS 40 M 6000 G8L-IBS

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Radarsensor RS 40 M 6000 G8L-IBS Besonderheiten: 2 richtungsabhängige Schaltausgänge für Annäherungs- und Entfernungsdetektion Arbeitsabstand: 500 ... 6.000 mm Schaltausgang: Gegentakt (2x), 200 mA, NO/NC, umschaltbar Anschluss: Stecker, M12, 4-polig

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Specifications RS 40 M 6000 G8L-IBS 204165

The RS 40 M 6000 G8L-IBS is a high-performance photoelectric sensor designed for industrial applications that require precise and reliable object detection. This sensor offers a range of technical features that make it well-suited for various applications.Operating with a supply voltage of 10-30 V DC, this sensor is energy-efficient and compatible with standard industrial power sources. It has a detection range of up to 6,000 mm, providing flexibility in detecting objects at varying distances.The RS 40 M 6000 G8L-IBS is equipped with both digital and analog outputs, allowing for versatile integration into existing industrial control systems. It also features adjustable sensitivity settings, enabling fine-tuning for specific application requirements.This sensor finds applications across various industrial sectors, including material handling, packaging, and automation. Its long-range detection capability makes it suitable for tasks like conveyor belt monitoring and object presence detection in large areas.In summary, the RS 40 M 6000 G8L-IBS is a highly capable photoelectric sensor designed to deliver precise and reliable object detection in industrial settings. Its long detection range, flexible output options, and energy efficiency make it a valuable asset in enhancing the efficiency and automation of industrial processes.

Features RS 40 M 6000 G8L-IBS 204165

Operating principle Radar
Characteristics 2 directional switching outputs for detection of approximation and distance
Service voltage 10 ... 35 V DC
No-load current < 35 mA
Working distance 500 ... 6000 mm
Switching output Push pull (2x), 200 mA, NO/NC, switchable
Pulse stretching 0,1 ... 30 s adjustable
Voltage drop < 2,0 V
Switching frequency < 2 Hz
Working frequency 24,125 GHz, K-Band
Ambient temperature, operation -20 … +60 °C
Insulation voltage endurance 500 V
Protection class IP 67
Casing material Die-cast zinc black lacquered finish
Connection Connector, M12, 4-poled