KDCT 12 V 04 G3-B4 Di-Soric 207558
 KDCT 12 V 04 G3-B4 Di-Soric 207558
 KDCT 12 V 04 G3-B4 Di-Soric 207558
 KDCT 12 V 04 G3-B4 Di-Soric 207558

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KDCT 12 V 04 G3-B4 207558 Di-Soric






KDCT 12 V 04 G3-B4

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Proximity sensors


KDCT 12 V 04 G3-B4 Di-Soric 207558 Kapazitivschalter, Teach-In Taste / Fernteachmöglichkeit / Sperrfunktion Gegentaktausgang pnp + npn Empfindlichkeit einstellbar, hoher Schaltabstand Variable Hysterese. Erfassung von flüssigen, pulverförmigen und festen Materialien Erfassung metallischer und nichtmetallischer Teile Erfassung durch Behälterwandungen oder Verpackungen möglich, Edelstahlgehäuse

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Specifications KDCT 12 V 04 G3-B4 207558

The KDCT 12 V 04 G3-B4 is a highly specialized sensor designed for precise distance measurement in industrial applications. It boasts an impressive range of up to 12 meters, providing accurate data for various industrial processes.Equipped with cutting-edge technology, this sensor ensures rapid and precise detection, even in challenging environmental conditions. With a response time of just 8 milliseconds, it excels in real-time monitoring applications.The KDCT 12 V 04 G3-B4 features a compact and adaptable design, allowing for easy integration into existing production lines. Its user-friendly interface facilitates straightforward configuration and setup.This sensor finds extensive utility in industries requiring precise distance measurements, including manufacturing, logistics, and automation. Its accuracy and reliability make it a valuable tool for applications like object detection and positioning.In summary, the KDCT 12 V 04 G3-B4 stands out for its high precision and adaptability. Its advanced technology and efficient performance make it an essential component in industrial processes demanding accurate distance measurements.

Features KDCT 12 V 04 G3-B4 207558

Service voltage: 18 … 30 V DC No-load current (max.): 20 mA (24 V DC) Insulation voltage endurance: 500 V Installation type: Flush Thread: M12 x 1 Housing length: 60 mm Housing material: Stainless steel (V2A 1.4301 / AISI 304) Material: PBT (Sensor probe) Protection class: III, operation on protective low voltage Operating principle: Capacitive Evaluation: digital Design: Thread Functional scope Scope of delivery: 2 x M12 nuts Switching output: Push-pull, 150 mA, NO/NC, switchable Voltage drop (max.): 2,4 V Switching distance (SN): 4 mm (0.1 to 6 mm adjustable) Standardized measuring plate: 12 x 12 mm Switching hysteresis (max.): variable Sensitivity adjustment: Teach button, Remote teach Display: LED yellow - Switching output Switching frequency: 50 Hz Ambient temperature during operation: -25 … +70 °C Protection type: IP 65 Connection: Connector, M12, 4-pin