D7C 12 V 06 PSK-IBSL Di-Soric 200043
 D7C 12 V 06 PSK-IBSL Di-Soric 200043
 D7C 12 V 06 PSK-IBSL Di-Soric 200043
 D7C 12 V 06 PSK-IBSL Di-Soric 200043

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D7C 12 V 06 PSK-IBSL 200043 Di-Soric






D7C 12 V 06 PSK-IBSL

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Proximity sensors


5/2-Wege Magnetventil - Mit Handbetätigung - 24VDC, 90mA - BRG-2000, BRG-3000, BRG-10 Motor AUF/AB - DA-2000 E-DW, DA-10, GRK-2, LHR-3 - ersetzt Magnetventil 882487, Hinweis unten beachten

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Specifications D7C 12 V 06 PSK-IBSL 200043

The D7C 12 V 06 PSK-IBSL is a highly versatile photoelectric sensor designed for a wide range of industrial applications. It comes with several features and technical specifications that make it suitable for various tasks. Here are the key details:Operating Voltage: The D7C operates on a 12V DC supply voltage, providing a reliable power source for consistent performance.Detection Principle: This sensor utilizes a photoelectric detection principle to detect the presence or absence of objects in its vicinity.Output Type: It features a PSK (Phase Shift Keying) output, which is commonly used in photoelectric sensors for reliable signal transmission.Light Source: The sensor employs an IBSL (Infrared, Background Suppression, Laser) light source for accurate and stable object detection.Sensing Range: The D7C 12 V 06 PSK-IBSL offers a sensing range of up to 60 mm, making it suitable for various object detection applications.Housing Material: It comes in a durable housing designed to withstand industrial environments and ensure long-term reliability.Application: This sensor is commonly used in industrial automation, packaging, material handling, and quality control applications. It can detect objects reliably and precisely, making it a valuable tool for process optimization.Versatility: With its background suppression feature, the D7C can effectively ignore objects in the background, focusing only on the target object. This feature enhances its versatility in complex industrial settings.In summary, the D7C 12 V 06 PSK-IBSL photoelectric sensor is a dependable component commonly employed in industrial automation and quality control systems. Its precise object detection capabilities, phase-shift keying output, and background suppression feature make it a valuable asset in various industrial applications.

Features D7C 12 V 06 PSK-IBSL 200043

Service voltage: 10 … 30 V DC Internal power consumption: 12 mA Insulation voltage endurance: According to IEC 60947-5-2 ( Installation type: Flush Thread: M12 x 1 Housing length: 60 mm Housing material: Stainless steel Tightening torque (max.): 20 Nm Protection class: III, operation on protective low voltage Operating principle: inductive Evaluation: digital Design: Thread Characteristics: extremely high operating distance, 80 bar, Full-metal casing closed, pressure-resistant Product series: INW-300 Full metal extended Switching output: pnp, 200 mA, NO Voltage drop (max.): 2 V Switching distance (SN): 6 mm Standardized measuring plate: 18 x 18 x 1 mm Switching hysteresis (max.): 15 % (5 % typ.) Switching frequency: 400 Hz Ambient temperature during operation: -25 … +70 °C Protection type: IP 68 Connection: Connector, M12, 3-pin Accessories Connection cable: VK …