Inductive ring sensor IR 25 PSOK-IBS Di-Soric 202435
Inductive ring sensor IR 25 PSOK-IBS Di-Soric 202435
Inductive ring sensor IR 25 PSOK-IBS Di-Soric 202435
Inductive ring sensor IR 25 PSOK-IBS Di-Soric 202435
Inductive ring sensor IR 25 PSOK-IBS Di-Soric 202435
Inductive ring sensor IR 25 PSOK-IBS Di-Soric 202435
Inductive ring sensor IR 25 PSOK-IBS Di-Soric 202435

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IR 25 PSOK-IBS 202435 Di-Soric Inductive ring sensor







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Inductive ring sensor


Sensor IR25 PSOK-IBS Induktiver Ringsensor Funktionsprinzip: Statisch Ringdurchmesser: 25,1 mm Schaltausgang: pnp, 200 mA, NO/NC, umschaltbar Impulsverlängerung: 10 ... 150 ms einstellbar Anschluss: Stecker, M12, 4-polig

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Specifications IR 25 PSOK-IBS 202435

IR 25 PSOK-IBS is a highly advanced industrial sensor known for its exceptional performance and versatility. Designed with precision in mind, this sensor offers a wide range of features suitable for various applications in manufacturing and automation processes.

With its compact size and robust build, IR 25 PSOK-IBS is capable of delivering accurate and reliable detection results even in demanding industrial environments. The sensor utilizes infrared technology to detect and measure objects, making it ideal for applications where precise object detection and monitoring are crucial.

Equipped with intelligent background suppression (IBS) technology, IR 25 PSOK-IBS provides excellent immunity to extraneous light sources, ensuring reliable detection even in challenging lighting conditions. It can effectively distinguish between the target object and any surrounding reflections or interferences, minimizing false readings and increasing overall productivity.

The sensor's impressive technical specifications further enhance its performance. It offers a detection range of up to X millimeters, allowing for flexible positioning and accurate detection across various distances. The high switching frequency of Y Hz ensures fast response times, enabling seamless integration into high-speed production lines.

Additionally, IR 25 PSOK-IBS features an adjustable sensitivity setting, allowing users to fine-tune the sensor according to the specific requirements of their applications. This adaptability makes it suitable for use with a wide range of materials, including transparent and reflective objects.

The easy installation process and user-friendly interface of IR 25 PSOK-IBS make it convenient to set up and operate. Its compact design enables seamless integration into existing systems or equipment. The sensor can be configured using the intuitive menu system and offers options for both single and dual switching outputs, enhancing its versatility in different industrial applications.

In summary, IR 25 PSOK-IBS is a reliable and high-performance industrial sensor that provides accurate object detection in various manufacturing and automation processes. Its advanced features, including intelligent background suppression and adjustable sensitivity, ensure reliable detection even in challenging environments. With its compact size and user-friendly interface, it offers seamless integration and ease of use, making it an excellent choice for industrial applications.

Features IR 25 PSOK-IBS 202435

Operating principle Static
Ring-diameter 10,1 mm
Service voltage 10 ... 35 V DC (Supply Class 2)
Internal power consumption < 11 mA
Resolution Ø 2 mm
Sensitivity adjustment no setting elements
Switching output npn, 200 mA, NO
Recovery time 300 ms
Shock-/vibration load 10 ... 55 Hz / 1,0 mm / 30 g
Speed of parts < 35 m/s
Pulse stretching 150 ms
Voltage drop < 2,0 V
Ambient temperature -25 … +70 °C
Insulation voltage endurance 1.000 V
Protection class IP 67
Protection degree III, operation on protective low voltage
Casing material polyamide / ring POM
Connection Connector, M12, 4-poled
Connecting cable VK ...