Cable TKHM-Z-2.5 Di-Soric 201724
Cable TKHM-Z-2.5 Di-Soric 201724
Cable TKHM-Z-2.5 Di-Soric 201724
Cable TKHM-Z-2.5 Di-Soric 201724

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TKHM-Z-2.5 201724 Di-Soric Cable







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Electrical cables for data transmission




Anschlusskabel M8, Länge 2,5 Meter

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Specifications TKHM-Z-2.5 201724

The TKHM-Z-2.5 is a versatile safety control device designed to enhance safety and control measures in industrial applications. This device offers a range of features and technical specifications that make it invaluable for maintaining safety and precision in industrial processes.Key Features and Technical Specifications:Safety Control: The TKHM-Z-2.5 serves as a safety control unit, primarily used to monitor and manage safety-related functions in industrial settings.Dual-Channel Design: It features a dual-channel architecture, ensuring redundancy and reliability. In the event of a fault in one channel, the other continues to function, maintaining safety.Inputs and Outputs: This device is equipped with multiple inputs and outputs, enabling seamless connections to various sensors, switches, and actuators.Safety Compliance: It adheres to international safety standards, making it suitable for applications up to SIL 3 (Safety Integrity Level) as per IEC 61508 and PL e (Performance Level) following ISO 13849-1.Diagnostic Capabilities: The TKHM-Z-2.5 includes advanced diagnostic capabilities, offering real-time feedback on the status of safety-related components and functions.Communication Options: It supports various communication interfaces, such as Ethernet/IP and Modbus TCP, making it easily integratable into modern industrial networks.Configurability: The device is highly configurable, allowing users to tailor safety functions to specific application requirements.Applications: It finds application in a wide range of industrial scenarios where safety and precision control are essential, including manufacturing, robotics, conveyor systems, and more.The TKHM-Z-2.5 is a critical component for ensuring the safety and compliance of industrial machinery and processes. Its dual-channel design, diagnostic capabilities, and adaptability make it a reliable choice for industries with strict safety regulations.In summary, the TKHM-Z-2.5 is a versatile safety control device featuring a dual-channel design, extensive input and output options, and robust diagnostic capabilities. It is instrumental in maintaining safety and adherence to international standards in industrial applications where precise safety control is paramount.

Features TKHM-Z-2.5 201724

Size Ø 4,5 mm (Diameter) M8 x 1 (thread)
Design straight
Length 2.500 mm
Characteristics metal coupling ring
Service voltage < 60 V AC/DC
LED indicator no
Ambient temperature, operation -5 … +80 °C (moved) (fixed)
Protection class IP 67, (at tightening torque 0,4 Nm)
Material PUR (Cable) PUR (Socket)
Connection Socket, M8, 3-poled
Drag chain compatible Yes
Drag chain properties > 2 Mio. (Bending cycles) 70 mm (Minimum bending radius)
cross-section 0,25 x 0,25 mm (3x)