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About the manufacturer

Dold (full name E. Dold & Söhne KG) is a manufacturer of automation and electronics components. The company was founded in 1928 in Germany, the founder is Mr. Emil Dold. In 1936 the company released the first relays and in 1978 the first PLCs in a standard package for industrial applications. In 1982, the first DC braking systems were manufactured. In 2005, the company manufactured a compact safety module based on its own miniature safety relays.

Today the brand is the European leader in the field of electronics and automation. The company is headquartered in Furtwangen, Germany. Currently, Dold employs more than 500 employees, and the company's branches are located in many countries of the world, such as: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Norway, Poland, Ukraine and others.

The main products of the Dold company are a wide range of different relays (safety relays, time relays, electronic, multifunctional relays), control and protection systems, monitoring, power electronics, control systems and other products. By combining the company's in-house development, accumulated experience and knowledge and technical innovation, the company is able to meet the individual needs of a wide variety of customers.

Dold products are widely used in many industries: packaging industry; food industry; metal processing; processing of plastics; steelmaking production; woodworking industry; chemical industry; the medicine.

Relay modules and protective devices

Dold offers proven safety relays and relay modules that can be installed with a balance of functionality and cost. Dold offers turnkey solutions for individual customer specifications. Protective devices. They range from single safety function modules to modular multifunctional safety systems with fieldbus connections that are designed to protect both people and machines. Emergency stop modules (models LG 5924, BG 5924, IP 5924, BD 5987, etc.); safety guard monitoring systems (models BD 5985N, BH 5901, BO 5988.47, BI 5928, etc.); light barrier controllers (models LG 5925 / 900, BG 5925/900, BH 5902 / 01MF2, etc.); two-hand control modules (models BG 5933, LG 5933, BH 5933, BD 5980N, etc.); safety mats (models BG 5925/910, BH 5925 / 910, etc.); expansion modules (models LG 5929, BG 5929, etc.); high-speed and blocking devices (models UH 5947, BH 5932, etc.); wireless security devices (models RE 5910/006, RE 5910/004 , RE 5910/002, etc.); multifunctional security solutions (BH 5910).

Instrument monitoring devices

They are among the most important and comprehensive relay software modules. They are divided into 3 main types: insulation monitoring devices, measuring relays and alarm systems. The components are used to detect and signal critical electrical quantities such as current, voltage, power, insulation resistance and others, thus helping to avoid danger to people and machines. Insulation monitoring devices (models MK 5880N, R 9112/710, BO 5877 / 011, AN 5890, etc.); differential current relays (models IL 5882, SL 5882, IP 5883); measuring relays (models BA 9065, BH 9097, BH 9140, RP 9140, etc.); alarm systems (models AD 5960, RP 5991, EH 5996, etc.).

Power electronics

The product range is represented by semiconductor contactors, soft starters and braking devices. All three groups of devices play an important role in advanced motor control technology. There are many other applications, in particular, semiconductor contactors are used in heating, lighting and other systems; semiconductor relays and contactors (models PH 9260, PH 9270, BF 9250/008, etc.); soft starters (models IL 9017, SL 9017, BA 9010, etc.); motor brake relays (models BI 9034, BA 9034N, BL 9228, etc.); reversing contactors (models BH 9253, BH 9255, BI 9254, etc.) .); regulators (models IN 9017, SX 9240.03, SX 9240.01); multifunctional motor control units (models BH 9253, SX 9241, IP 7854, etc.).

Control devices

The company offers a wide range of buses with support for input and output modules as well as PLC peripheral modules. Coupling relays are used as links between the highly sensitive PLC logic and machine components. As early as 1978, Dold was able to apply its first PLC in a standard package to the automotive and machine tool industries. It goes without saying that a new generation of fieldbus PLCs is available today, which also have an IP67 degree of protection. The products include products of various sizes with different contacts: timers (models MK7830N, BC 7935N, SN 7920, etc.); bus modules (models IN 5509, DX 5504, IP 5503, etc.); interface switching relays (models AD 8851, CA 3056, MK 8804N, etc.); CAN-open PLCs (models IL5508, IL 5504, IN 5504, etc.).

Electronics components

Among the company's electronics products are time relays and remote control switches. They belong to the main devices of modern automation systems and are mainly used for lighting control. They also include energy-saving switches that combine the properties of time relays and remote control switches; Minitimer time relay (models IK 8810, RK 8810/002, RK 8810/100, etc.); remote switches (models IK 8800, IL 8800, K 8807, etc.); specific installation devices (models IK 3070/200, IK 8701, SK 9078, etc.).

Emergency switches and interlocking systems

The company offers safety emergency switches and interlocking systems that are designed according to DIN EN ISO 13849 and TÜV certification. The devices combine the advantages of safety switches, electromagnetic locks and interlocks. The modular design offers flexibility and safety for the user, as well as meeting his safety requirements SAFEMASTER® STS electromagnetic interlocking systems; SAFEMASTER® STS safety switches; SAFEMASTER® STS mechanical interlocking systems.

PCB Relay Dold

To meet the high quality requirements, the development of the PCB relay is based on a great depth of production, state-of-the-art production facilities and employees with many years of experience. The company's development department focuses on safety relays with forced contacts. Dold offers relays on standard printed circuit boards according to customer requirements: relays and accessories (models ET1415.011, ET1415.041, etc.); miniature relays and accessories (models ET1415.041, ET1415.911, etc.).


For many decades, Dold has achieved excellence in the design and manufacture of metal and plastic enclosures. The company applies the necessary technologies to make the enclosures practical and easy to use. Dold offers its customers a choice of cabinet colors, printing, laser engraving and many other options: for industrial cabinets (models KO 4300, KS 4400, K70, etc.); for consumer use (models KU 4000, KU 4100).

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