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Since 1968 ELAP has been growing in the field of industrial automation, getting specialized in developing, manufacturing and marketing counting and control equipment for industrial automation. In the years product range has extended to include preset counters and visualizers, single and multi-axis positioners, PLC controllers, and a wide choice of positioning sensors: incremental and absolute rotary encoders, linear and rotary potentiometers, incremental transducers and optical scales, wire transducers, magnetic transducers, vibration sensors.

Compact in size and light in weight, Althen linear-motion potentiometers are suitable to measure linear movements on automatic machines. The conductive plastic resistive element grants high resolution, excellent linearity and long life.

Stout, easy to install, highly protected against environmental agents - ELAP linear wire transducers series HLS and HPS are the ideal solution for those industrial applications which require high accuracy and measuring length up to 12 meters; typical applications are: X-Y tables, hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, packing machines, and wood-, glass-, marble-, sheet-working machineries.

Absolute encoders always provide the actual position data at the system power on, despite possible shaft rotations; therefore there is no need to reset to the zero point after a power down. Stout and accurate, Elap single and multi turn absolute encoders are the ideal solution to relieve motions on operating machines in all industrial fields.

Wilcoxon Research vibration sensors and accessories offer reliable performance and functionality for vibration analysis, machinery monitoring and balance-of-plant application. Wilcoxon Research accelerometers, 4-20 mA sensors, transmitters and instrumentation provide accurate and reliable vibration measurements on pumps, motors, compressors, gearboxes and fans throughout industrial plants in several application fields, from wind turbines and pulp and paper plants, to steel mills and power generation.

Elap positioners range includes include several PLC programmable equipments, which can be easily fit into the variegated application realities that can be met in industrial automation. The single axis controller NEOS and the 1 /2-axis controller VEGA are among ELAP most advanced positioners: different programs are available to run on/off positioning and analogue output positioning as well as algorithms for specific functions.

For each of these products, ELAP offers a series of standard models, developed for the most common needs of the sector.  The industrial automation sector involves all areas of production. The control, measurement and counting devices and equipment produced and sold by ELAP are used in all industrial sectors related to the production of automatic machines and plants. Amongst the most common applications are: sheet metal processing, woodworking, paper processing, glass processing, plastic processing, industrial handling and many others, in a market that is constantly evolving. The testing laboratories avail upon the latest equipments to ensure the products compliance to European and International Standards.

We supply full line of products and spare parts of Elap company:

Absolute encoders

  • EtherNet/IP Encoder
  • EtherCAT Encoder
  • Profinet Encoder
  • Profibus Encoder
  • CANopen Encoder
  • Encoder MEM
  • Encoder REMA
  • Encoder REC-VA
  • Encoder MRE-VA
  • Encoder RM36
  • Encoder RM22
  • Encoder fittings

Incremental encoders

  • Encoder RE620 Square fl.
  • Encoder RE520 Round fl.
  • Hollow shaft encoder
  • Encoder REM Magnetic
  • Encoder REV High PPR
  • Encoder REC Compact
  • Encoder RE50 Ø 50
  • Encoder SEB Ø 50
  • Encoder E40 Ø 40
  • Encoder E30 Ø 30
  • Encoder RM36 magnetic
  • Encoder RM22 magnetic
  • Encoder REP program.
  • Encoder RE sinusoidal
  • Encoder fittings

Linear transducers

  • PD - PE - PS Digital
  • TM + MP200 Magnetic
  • Optical scale series KD
  • Optical scale series KP

Wire transducers

  • Wire encoder HLS
  • Wire potentiometer HPS
  • Absolute encoder WPS
  • Absolute encoder WDS

Linear potentiometers

  • PLS Series
  • PL2S Series
  • PL231 Series
  • PM Series
  • PM2S Series
  • PR Series
  • PR2S Series
  • PLS-V Series

Althen potentiometers

  • Single Turn
  • Helicalohm multiturn
  • Multiturn Hybrid Potentiometers
  • Linear potentiometers

Industrial joysticks

Vibration sensors

  • Vibration meters
  • General purpose
  • Low frequency
  • High frequency
  • PiezoVelocity
  • High temperature
  • Vibration & temperature
  • 4-20 mA sensors
  • IT intelligent transmitters
  • Special applications

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