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About the manufacturer

The German company ELGO Electric GmbH was founded in 1977 by Helmut Grim in Rielasingen and has been manufacturing products under the motto "Measure - Control - Position" for almost 40 years. The main product range of ELGO Electronic is sensors, indicators and position controllers. Already in 1982, the company began production of the first electronic meter with LED display, automatic reset function and an integrated power supply.

In 1985, the company introduced a compact single-axis controller, which has gained immense popularity in the market. In 1986 the first subsidiary in Switzerland was founded and in 1992 a subsidiary in Italy was added. In 1997, the company introduced a magnetic measuring system. In 1998, a subsidiary company in Liechtenstein was established, which develops and manufactures magnetic tapes for measuring systems. In 2001 ELGO Electronic introduced a modular measuring system with axial controllers and PLC control to the market.

In 2002, the company expanded its office and production facilities, and also opened a subsidiary in Japan. In 2007, a sales office opened in China. The company pays constant attention to ensuring the high quality of its products, as evidenced by the presence of the ISO 9001 certificate.

In addition to the main types of products, the company also produces a wide range of additional components: door position sensors, magnetic tapes for positioning systems, magnetic rings for position sensors, guide rails and carriages, mounting kits for quick installation of magnetic tapes, battery modules, power supplies, interface modules for CAN bus.

Products of the company

Sensors and measuring systems

Sensors and measuring systems

ELGO Electronic offers a wide range of sensors and measuring systems used in the manufacture and operation of lifting equipment. Shaft information systems used in various hoists allow measuring the absolute position of the hoist in the range of heights up to 1500 m and at a travel speed of up to 18 m / s. In addition to determining the position, the product line includes an electronic unit that implements safety functions for the operation of mechanisms. Magnetic linear and angle measuring systems are designed for industrial applications and provide measurements with an accuracy of 0.01 mm and a resolution of up to 1/1000. Measuring magnetic systems for rotating machinery (magnetic encoders) with a degree of protection up to IP64 ensure high resolution measurements.

Position indicators

Position indicators

Position indicators from ELGO Electronic can be powered by batteries or 24V DC sources. The devices provide absolute or incremental position indication on a single or multi-line display. Depending on the model, the position may be displayed in one or three axes. In addition to sensor inputs, devices can also have an additional RS-232 or RS-485 interface.



ELGO Electronic manufactures various controllers for positioning control both in one and two axes, with and without program memory, equipped with conventional displays and buttons or touch displays. Older models allow 6-axis control. ELGO Electronic controllers are widely used in woodworking machines, band saws, grinding machines, metal shears, press brakes and other equipment.

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