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The German group of companies ELBE was founded in 1919 and throughout its history has been moving towards its current position as the market leader in manufacturers of drive solutions used in vehicle construction and the mechanical engineering industry. Various ELBE drive shafts and components are widely used by consumers in many countries around the world. The group of companies has production facilities in Germany, Italy, Hungary, Brazil and the USA, and the total number of employees of all enterprises exceeds 1200 qualified specialists. The company's engineers are always ready to cooperate with customers both in the development of device prototypes, taking into account individual requirements, and in the process of releasing a small batch or large series. The quality of products is confirmed by the fact that the company has certificates of ISO 9001 and ISO TS 16949. In order to be closer to current and future customers, the company has 12 representatives in 32 countries of the world.

Products of the company

Cardan shafts

ELBE manufactures cardan shafts in several series for use in vehicle manufacturing and mechanical engineering. The 0.100 series can transmit torque up to 35,000 Nm at a maximum deflection angle of 35 degrees, with a variety of connection types, universal joints and roller or needle bearings. The 0.200 series allows torque transmission up to 1,300 Nm at a maximum deflection angle of 45 degrees, with length compensation and needle bearings. The 0.300 series of actuators transmits up to 15,000 Nm at angles of deflection up to 42 degrees, with different types of connections, double pivot and roller bearings. The 0.900 series can transmit torque up to 13,200 Nm at a maximum deflection angle of up to 30 degrees, in tubular, short or large versions.

Drive shafts with double joints

The company's dual-joint drive shafts are available in two series and provide the ability to handle large deflection angles. The 0.400 series provides torque transmission from 1650 to 6100 Nm at a maximum deflection angle of 55 degrees. The 0.500 series enables torque transmission from 2860 to 19 900 Nm at angles up to 50 degrees. Both series of joints can be equipped with roller or needle bearings.

Precision drive shafts

ELBE high precision drive shafts are available in three series and can be fitted with cross or ball joints. The 0.600 series can transmit torques from 6 to 250 Nm at deflection angles up to 45 degrees and rotation speeds up to 5000 rpm. The 0.700 series works with torques from 6 to 450 Nm, deflection angles up to 45 degrees and rotation speeds up to 1000 rpm. The 0.800 series transmits torques from 20 to 1250 Nm at speeds up to 500 rpm and deflection angles up to 35 degrees. Shafts of the 0.600 series are equipped with needle bearings, while the 0.700 and 0.800 series are equipped with sleeve bearings. Shafts of the 0.700 and 0.800 series are available in stainless steel.

Components for drive shafts

The company also manufactures various components for driveshafts: flanges for axles and shafts, flanged shafts, semicircular flanges with an integrated brake disc, hinges for driveshafts. for highly loaded connections, special purpose. Also produced are cast steel and aluminum housings for gearboxes and gearboxes, main drive shafts and clutch plates.

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