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About the manufacturer

Emirel Srl, an Italian brand, was established in 1981 in the field of industrial electronics. The origins of Emirel date back to 1975, when the management of the company  decided to establish an electronics department. The company produced staples for paper and cardboards and nails for wood and it had started the designing of automatic machines for its products. The automatic machines had an electric-electronic part and as a result the electronics department was created. The Emirel product catalog is divided into families: temperature, electrical power, current and so on. As for the applications, they are divided into sectors or application fields. Many of the Emirel devices are used in the industries with the function of torque limiters and/or load limiters applied to machines and plants.

The core production of Emirel represents AMPEROMETRIC torque limiters and the WATTMETRICS torque limiters, also among them, there is  a Three-Phase Asynchronous Motor, the sector of electric pumps, speed, level and temperature controllers, different types of relays, controls of electric resistances. The large variety of boxes are used for Emirel products and all containers are for DIN rail mounting. The electronic relays of Emirel detect one or more electrical quantities of an asynchronous motor and compare it with a set point in order to get an alarm signal. Together with these products alternating voltage relays were created. 

FAMAGA Group OHG is the distributor of Emirel Srl products. We are responsible for the safe and efficient distribution of all its controllers, relays, torque limiters, etc. Thanks to our well-developed distribution network, we provide all the necessary industrial items promptly at reasonable prices. If you lack anything in your industry, we are always ready to satisfy your industrial needs.