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FAMAGA always strives to provide the best prices and timings of supplies for its customers. We sell only original equipment and spare parts, although we are not always the official distributor or manufacturer's dealer. All displayed trademarks and part numbers are the property of their respective owners.
Our catalog contains the entire product line of the Endress+Hauser manufacturer at good prices with door-to-door delivery to any region of United States, including your area: Ashburn. Our managers will help you to select and buy suitable Endress+Hauser product or spare part, just right after sending an application form. To find out the prices and delivery time, please fill in the feedback form or send your inquiry to  
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We supply full line of products and spare parts of Endress+Hauser company:

Liquid Analysis

  • pH sensors and transmitters
  • Conductivity sensors and transmitters
  • Oxygen sensors and transmitters
  • Turbidity sensors and transmitters
  • Chlorine sensors and transmitters
  • Process photometers
  • Analyzers for hardness, iron, aluminum, chromate & sodium
  • ORP sensors and transmitters
  • Nutrient analyzers and sensors
  • TOC, COD and SAC analyzers
  • Automatic water samplers
  • Sludge level sensors and transmitters

Flow measurement for liquids, gases and steam

  • Coriolis mass flowmeters
  • Electromagnetic flowmeters
  • Ultrasonic flowmeters
  • Vortex flowmeters
  • Differential pressure measurement
  • Thermal mass flowmeters

Level measurement

  • Guided radar level measurement
  • Radar level measurement
  • Hydrostatic level measurement
  • Ultrasonic level measurement
  • Vibronic point level detection
  • Capacitance level measurement
  • Servo level measurement
  • Conductive level measurement
  • Radiometric level measurement
  • Differential pressure measurement
  • Electromechanical level measurement
  • Float switch level measurement
  • Paddle switch level measurement
  • Microwave barrier level measurement

Pressure measurement

  • Absolute and gauge pressure measurement
  • Hydrostatic level measurement
  • Differential pressure measurement

Software solutions

System products

  • Data managers & data loggers
  • Process indicators & control units
  • Process transmitters & limit switches
  • Energy managers & application managers
  • Power supplies & barriers
  • Gateways & modems
  • Handheld communicators
  • WirelessHART solutions
  • Surge arresters

Temperature measurement

  • Industrial thermometers
  • Hygienic thermometers
  • High temperature thermometers
  • Heavy duty thermometers
  • Compact thermometers
  • Multipoint temperature sensors
  • Temperature switches
  • Temperature transmitters
  • Thermowells & protection tubes
  • Cable probes
  • Surface thermometers

Measurement and industrial communication technologies

  • The SmartBlue App
  • Heartbeat Technology
  • 80 GHz radar measurement
  • Proline – simply clever
  • Electronic differential pressure measurement systems
  • Innovative TempC Membrane
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI) for unified operation
  • Steam quality measurement with Proline Prowirl 200
  • The innovation in interface measurement
  • Ceraphire ceramic cell
  • Liquiphant FailSafe Technology
  • Innovative temperature sensor - iTHERM QuickSens
  • Innovative temperature measurement - iTHERM StrongSens
  • Taking the right turn
  • Memosens: cutting-edge sensor technology
  • Digital Communication & Integration
  • Liquiline: cutting-edge transmitter platform

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