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FIBRO is a world-renowned supplier of rotary tables for machine tools as well as standard accessories and components for industrial automation. Fischer-Brodbeck GmbH was founded in 1958 in Weinsberg, Germany. In 1969, the company designed and manufactured FIBROTOR rotary tables. In 1973, a branch of the company was opened in Paris. In 1974 the company became part of the Läpple Group holding. In 1982, the first North American branch of the company was opened in Rockford, USA.

Today the company is headquartered in Weinsberg and its production plant in Hassmersheim, Germany. The executive director of the company is Mr. Jürgen Gürth, the company employs more than 700 employees worldwide. The company owns several subsidiaries in countries such as France, India, USA, Canada, China, Switzerland, Singapore. In addition, the company has more than 70 official representatives and service centers around the world, making it a world leader in the production of standard parts and rotary tables for a variety of industries.

The main principles followed by the manufacturer: customer orientation, high quality products, competent and highly qualified employees. Excellent accuracy, durability, and quality distinguish the company's products from those of other manufacturers. The company offers over 60,000 products for mechanical engineering, machine tool building, metallurgy and other industries. It is thanks to the constant improvement and development of the team, the use of rich experience, as well as constant research and development, that the company maintains its quality and innovative leadership.

Areas of application of Fibro products:

  • engineering industry;
  • machine tool building; metalworking;
  • Automotive industry;
  • chemical industry;
  • other industries.

Products of the company

Standard parts

The standard range of parts is used as components and components of industrial systems, as well as ready-made technical solutions for mechanical engineering and other industries. Standard parts are of exceptional quality and precision. The company guarantees fast delivery times, first class service and an outstanding price / performance ratio. The production of standard products takes place in the company's factories in Hassmersheim and Weinsberg in Germany. The main feature of standard products is accuracy, since in the end result, the performance of mechanisms and systems is determined by the quality of their components. FIBRO standard parts include: lifting and holding devices; punches and dies in the assembly; guiding elements; die plates; stripper mechanisms; precision die components; chemical agents for tools; polyurethane elastomers (FIBROFLEX); pneumatic conveyors; auxiliary equipment for presses, conveyor belts; support slide; electromechanical conveyors; roller carriages; gas springs, elastomeric springs; other products.

Indexing rotary tables (FIBROPLAN)

These tables have a backlash-adjustable worm drive, which is why they are successfully used in machines for universal positioning. There are two main types of machining: rotary machining and multi-axis machining (simultaneous). The rotary tables are precisely positioned due to the rigid bearings, and high-resolution measuring systems are used for machines with such tables with a special high-precision design. rotary tables FIBROPLAN®NC. They are used in the metalworking industry and many others. Equipped with servo-driven, backlash-adjustable worm drive, have the ability to easily adapt to work with almost zero backlash. Mounted axial and radial bearings provide high load capacity and stable operation. There are various designs and variations, such as horizontal and vertical versions. FIBROPLAN®CLASSIC rotary tables. They have almost the same properties and basic functionality, but shorter delivery times and lower prices compared to FIBROPLAN®NC. FIBROMAX® rotary milling tables. Extreme lifting capacity up to 140 tons. They have excellent technical characteristics for rotary milling and simultaneous machining due to pre-installed bearings, flexible positioning, high repeatability, radial and axial concentricity.

Rotary tables with servo motor FIBRODYN

Possess high precision and short positioning time, can operate at extreme speed, and high control efficiency due to zero backlash without gears.

Rotary tables with FIBROTAKT gear wheels

They have fairly accurate positioning and the ability to work under heavy loads. Available in hydraulic, pneumatic, and servo versions. As a variant, the FIBROTAKT®FLUSH MOUNT table series is presented.

Сam tables with worm screw drive (FIBROTOR)

Fixed pitch rotary tables, i.e. EM, ER and RT standard with high efficiency curve discs. Compared to previous electromechanical tables, rotary tables with the same inertia and switching times consume 20% less energy. FIBROTOR®EM and EM.NC tables. Drum cam and roller drive for superior rigidity and precision. EM is with a fixed ordinal cam and EM.NC. - with "straight" cam for servo motor control. They are used in automated production processes, units, during welding and machining. There are many sizes and variations. FIBROTOR®ER tables. Lower price and faster delivery than EM and (EM.NC). The most popular sizes and configurations are available FIBROTOR®RT and RT.NC tables. The tables have a ring design, and have a large center hole. Electromechanical tables with RT switching.

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