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The history of Gems Sensors & Controls began 60 years ago in 1955, when the founder of the company, Edward H. Moore, developed the first level indicator and then, together with Gordon Seigle, founded Gems Company (GS from Gordon Seigle and EM from Ed Moore). The company's first commercial success brought the bilge level gauge to the shipbuilding industry. The success of the company's shipping and industrial products has led to the rapid expansion of Gems' manufacturing and office space in Connecticut, USA.

Today Gems designs and manufactures a wide range of liquid level sensors, flow and pressure switches, transmitters and transducers, miniature solenoid valves, and pre-assembled liquid handling systems. The company has manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe and Asia, and has sales and product support offices around the world.

Liquid level sensors

Gems level sensors provide reliable level monitoring of a wide variety of liquids such as oils, hydraulic fluids, fuels, waste water, drinking water and others. Effective measurement is ensured by the use of a wide range of contact and non-contact sensors using magnets, reed switches, floats, electrical and optical technologies, conductivity sensors, capacitive, ultrasonic and piezo-resonance sensors. Several liquid level detection technologies can be used in one measuring device. The product catalog contains single point and multipoint sensors, continuous level measuring devices, pressure sensors, coolant level sensor and visual level indicators.

Flow sensors and switches

Liquid flow sensors and switches provide efficient measurement of conductive and non-conductive liquids and gases. The relays have a wide range of controlled flow rates and provide alarms or automatic system shutdowns. Electronic flow switches are supplemented with visual indication of current indicators. The model range includes devices with fixed or adjustable response parameters, viscosity or high pressure compensation, operating in the presence of sludge and solid particles in the flow.

Pressure Sensors

Industrial pressure transmitters, transducers and relays provide the measurements required by the consumer in hydraulics and pneumatics. Industrial pressure transmitters provide continuous real-time monitoring and can be used over a wide temperature range. Available options for pressure switch and sensor housings made of aluminum, stainless steel, brass, plastic, galvanized steel.

Miniature solenoid valves

Miniature solenoid valves provide efficient automatic control of liquid, vapor or gas flows. Gems designs and manufactures a complete line of 2-position and 3-position solenoid valves for general purpose and cryogenic (down to -320 ° F) versions. Gems Sensors & Controls products are widely used in the medical device industry, food industry, automotive industry, water, oil and gas transportation systems, chemical industry, ventilation and air conditioning, semiconductor manufacturing, and various pneumatic systems.

Products of the company

Gems Sensors offer a wide variety of flow and level sensors for different types of liquids. Single point and multipoint level sensors are available in different sizes and are designed for different types of mounting. Gems Sensors can be made of different materials depending on the intended conditions of use, and also have a different principle of operation, however, all of them have repeatedly proven their reliability and accuracy of transmitted data in various operating conditions.
Gems Sensors electromechanical solenoid valves provide efficient automatic control of the flow of liquids or gases, including air, water and steam. They are widely used in medical equipment, food processing, industry, including the automotive industry, as well as in systems for the transportation of liquids, oils and gases, analytical equipment, in clinical chemistry, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, in the production of semiconductors, and also for controlling large pneumatic valves.
This Gems Sensors product category includes signal and solid state relays as well as power relays. The SAFE-PAK series includes intrinsically safe programmable relays that can be either normally open or normally closed in start position, and are also available with a latch-type output. These safety switches are ideal for use with switches and sensors for flow, pressure and level monitoring. Gems Sensors intrinsically safe power relays enhance the load tolerance of the sensors without the need for costly explosion-proof enclosures.
The DF series level regulators are designed for independent control of liquid level in two parameters. Regulators can be equipped with a reset button after power off or deactivation. These level controls are ideal for use in boilers, food processing equipment, and chemical handling systems. Gems Sensors level controllers have long-term reliability, comply with the CSD1 standard and are also available in a compact design. Series 17 level regulators are approved for use in Class I and II, Division 1, Groups A-G hazardous atmospheres and are not capable of igniting flammable materials.
Control and measuring equipment
Control and measuring equipment
The ultra-compact Gems Sensors have been specifically designed to operate reliably in purified drinking water systems. They are made from Noryl® with the addition of other FDA and NSF compliant materials. The springs and stop are made of stainless steel. These high quality switches are competitively priced and can be used to monitor filter and UV lamp replacement times. The switches can operate at temperatures up to and including 100 ° C.
Gems Sensors 19MR Series actuators are ideal for applications where a variety of fluids need to be pumped or bumped out. There is no need for starters with these drives as they can directly drive motors up to 1 horsepower at 120 volts AC or up to 2 horsepower at 240 volts AC. The actuator is capable of operating over a temperature range of -40 ° C to 65 ° C. These drives are non-intrinsically safe and comply with UL508 for general purpose drives.
Engine speed controllers
Engine speed controllers
DC motor speed controllers are designed for applications where only direct current is available. These controllers can be used as differential control elements or as one-time signaling contactors. With their long lifespan, easy connectivity and a choice of 12 or 24 volts DC, Gems Sensors engine speed controllers can be used with confidence in any situation.
Protective devices and guards
Protective devices and guards
Among the protective devices manufactured by Gems Sensors, IS Zener barriers and IS relays are especially popular. For most non-voltage generating devices located in hazardous areas, a single negative-grounded IS barrier is sufficient. For generating devices, two such barriers must be used. Gems Sensors 54800 series dual channel barriers are suitable for such cases. Intrinsically safe barriers in compact design are also available.
Sensor Accessories
Sensor Accessories
Gems Sensors offers a wide range of RFO RotorFlow electronic flow sensor accessories, including large and standard electronic totalizers, and optional power supply modules that supply DC current to both the totalizers and the sensors themselves. The optional power supply module is mounted on the rear panel of the compact totalizer. The large totalizers are equipped with standard relay outputs and can independently supply power to the sensors (DC).

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