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Leading company in the design and manufacture of linear motion components. It is an innovator and supplier of V-guides and bearing systems that are used to control linear, rotary and continuous motion worldwide. A member of the group of companies of the same name, was founded in 1969 and today is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of rectilinear motion technology worldwide. Since 1975 the company has started exporting its products and in 1983 opened its first branch in the Benelux.

The company owes its origins to Mr. Leslie Forster, a talented inventor and designer of packaging machines and owner of the now defunct Forsters Machine Company. This company was founded in the late 1940s and has produced a range of packaging machines. In 1950 Leslie Forster developed unique and simple sliding solutions based on the V-track principle. Today, the brand is still owned and operated by the Forster family. One of the last Forsters Machine Company packing machines was retained and restored in 2004. Today this machine is on display in the reception area of the group's headquarters in Tiverton, England.

The company's headquarters and manufacturing facilities are today located in Tiverton, South West England. The company owns a network of branches and official distributors all over the world. Branches of the manufacturer are located in the Netherlands (Benelux), France, Germany, Spain and Korea. Today the company is a world leader in the field of linear motion, as an innovator of V-track technology, the company has been successfully developing this area for the past 35 years. The brand's goal is to match its products to today's high demands on automation and general industrial markets.

Features of the products offered by the company:

  • high level of equipment reliability even when operating in adverse conditions, or without the need for maintenance;
  • reduced noise level;
  • the ability of the equipment to operate at high speeds, for long periods of time, while maintaining full reliability;
  • reduced downtime and therefore increased profits;
  • ease of development when using a series of ready-made solutions and systems in a complex.

The company's products are widely used in many industries, such as: machine tool construction; mechanical engineering; woodworking industry; packaging production; textile production.

Products of the company

Linear guides and linear motion systems

The company offers a wide range of linear motion guides, as well as complex solutions for linear motion problems, which are designed for use in a wide range of automated equipment. A large assortment of products with a variety of sizes, accuracy classes, models and options is presented, all products have the best characteristics. The compatibility of models, sizes and accuracy classes allows the company to find optimal solutions for almost any application, and as a result, to offer solutions to linear motion problems, ideally combining equipment characteristics and budget for individual customer requirements. - linear guide systems and transmissions GV3; Simple Select guides HDS Heavy Duty Handling Systems SL2 Stainless Steel Sliding Systems; DualVee guides with single V-edge guides; LoPro aluminum guides; UtiliTrak lightweight U-profile linear guides; HTS telescopic ball linear guides; MHD heavy-duty roller handling systems; Heavy-duty handling systems Winkel; Pacific-Simplicity ™ Linear Bearings, Rotary Bearings; Mini Rail Linear Rails; Dolphin Linear Systems; Steel and Aluminum Precision Shafts; ASK Linear Bushings; LBG Ball Linear Guides; SH Shock Absorbers.

Linear actuators

The company has expanded its range of linear motion modules with belt-driven seals adding ball screw drives, hardened steel rails and low profile aluminum rails. This provides a tough, low-profile, cost-effective, low-friction modular solution that can operate in a wide range of conditions - PDU2 profile handling systems with drives; Elero electric drives; DAPDU2 dual-acting profile handling systems with drives; Zimm screw jack systems; HPS rodless pneumatic cylinders Powerslide-2; screw profile motion systems PSD120; motion systems with ball screw drive for heavy loads HDCS; linear modules SDM; Belt drives with SBD seals; Motion systems with HDLS drives for heavy loads; Premier BSP ball screws; DLS linear motion and positioning systems; LoPro linear motion systems.

Positioning devices

The company, in cooperation with SmartDrive, produces a wide range of solutions for customers who require complete systems with an actuator. A wide range of products caters to a wide variety of industries, from simple material handlers to sophisticated high-resolution scanners. Thanks to the use of brand actuators and SmartDrive control parts in the complex, complex systems and linear actuators can be obtained, which include stepper motors or servo motors and positioning devices. - PDU2 positioning devices, positioned along the X and Y axes; DLS double nodes for heavy loads; linear motion systems PDU2 XY Table.

Profiles and system solutions

The system solutions offered by the company have a compact design and therefore do not require large installation time. Any brand product can be assembled to obtain turnkey solutions for mechanical engineering and other industries. Along with the universal profile systems, a large selection of fasteners is supplied, such as brackets, flexible couplings, accessories, so that the customer himself has the opportunity to design complete frame systems from components. Or, components are shipped disassembled for easy reassembly. The use of aluminum profiles (an advantage over steel profiles) results in cost savings, savings in installation time and high versatility: Structural systems for mechanical engineering MCS; Support structures HGS; Fencing systems for MFS machines; System solutions HSS.

Measuring systems

Presented by LMI length indicators, which are compact, simple, ready-to-install measuring systems that ensure continuous operation. The best result is achieved when the magnetic sensors are parallel to the film. Due to the absence of contact between the film and the sensor head, LMI measuring systems have no wearing parts, so they provide long trouble-free operation. LMI length indicators.

Curved guides

Designed on the basis of the company's annular slip systems and rail travel systems. They are ready-to-install systems that can be used on assembly machines for continuous positioning or special applications. The rollers and toothed belts drive the carriages, which move along a rectangular or oval closed chain, with an unlimited length of its straight sections. These products offer unique precision, performance and design flexibility - motion systems with DTS drives; HDRT heavy duty rail and ring sliding systems; PRT2 rail motion systems and precision ring sliding systems.

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