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The German company HERMA is widely known as a manufacturer and developer of complex solutions using self-adhesive materials and technologies for their application. The company offers a full range of products - from the production of adhesives, self-adhesive products and labeling solutions to labeling machines. HERMA is headquartered in Filderstadt with subsidiaries in England, France, Holland, Austria and the USA.

The video above was taken from HERMA official website/Youtube channel.

Products of the company


The company offers the HERMA 400 series of compact modular labelers. A single servo main unit can be supplemented with various modules, so that the HERMA 400 can be integrated into any production line. This product line has been expanded with a labeling machine with an integrated laser labeling system. Unlike traditional thermal transfer printing, this method does not require additional consumables, provides higher print quality, lower printing and maintenance costs, and better protection against counterfeiting.

Label Applicators

The HERMA Basic label applicators are an economical solution for standard applications. Small weight and dimensions make it possible to integrate the applicator into a limited space near the conveyor. The operating speed of the device can reach 25 m / min, and the setting can be done using the keyboard and display. The HERMA 100 series manual label applicators provide an economical solution for small batch companies or provide flexibility in device use.

Labeling machines

Automatic labeling machines Master M series provide a productivity of up to 24,000 labels per hour while maintaining labeling accuracy of +/- 0.5 mm. The HERMA 132M machine can apply labels to cylindrical objects and is widely used not only in the packaging of cosmetics and household chemicals, but also in the production of medicines. HERMA 362M enables simultaneous application of two labels on elliptical packaging at high speed. HERMA 040M is an economical labeling system suitable for pharmaceutical and medical applications, allowing one or two labels to be applied in different orientations to each other, around the circumference of the product.

Compact marking systems

The Compact Line offers compact labeling systems for labeling flat surfaces and round objects. HERMA 152C are used for applying self-adhesive labels around the entire circumference of cylindrical packaging. The HERMA 452C is used for top marking a wide range of products and food packaging. HERMA 652C can apply labels to the top and bottom of the package at the same time. The HERMA 752C system applies labels to the top, front and bottom of the package in a single pass, at speeds up to 80 units per minute.

Semi-automatic labeling machines

Semi-automatic labeling machines HERMA 211 C implement the application of a self-adhesive label on a cylindrical package, which is manually placed by the operator on a rotating roller. The HERMA 311 applies two labels simultaneously to elliptical packaging, also with manual placement of the packaging in a special carriage. The HERMA 411 is used to apply self-adhesive labels on top of flat items in a semi-automatic mode.

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