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The Swiss company from Vurenlos grew out of Jakob Huber & Co., which was founded in 1945 in Ennetbaden. The company got its name from the name of the founder - Jacob Huber. Since 1989, the company has been manufacturing products using pressure measurement technology. Today, the manufacturer's relays, sensors and pressure transmitters are used in measurement systems in various industries. Over the past 20 years, the number of the company's personnel has grown from 130 to 325 people. The company has representative offices in Germany, France, Italy, Holland and England. The quality of the brand's products is confirmed by the presence of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates.

The video above was taken from HUBA CONTROL official website/Youtube channel.

Products of the company

Pressure Sensors

400 series transmitters, 501 series, 520 compact transmitters, 528 series pressure transmitters, 550 series pressure transmitters, 680 series. Pressure sensors manufactured by the company are available in a large assortment and, depending on the line of devices, are focused on various conditions of use. The 400 series transmitters are designed to provide continuous measurement in the range from 10 to 100 mbar and can be used for level detection in vessels. The 501 series transmitters have a pressure measuring range of 0 to 60 bar and are designed for industrial applications. The compact 520 series sensors use thick film pressure sensing technology and are used to determine the pressure of all types of refrigerants, including ammonia. The 528 series pressure transmitters based on ceramic technology are used in shipbuilding and various industries. The 550 series pressure transmitters measure pressures from 0 to 600 bar and are used in automotive hydraulics. This line of sensors is equipped with a pressure relief valve to prevent damage from pressure surges and is available in IP67 or IP69K enclosures. The 680 series transmitters based on piezoresistive sensing elements measure pressures from 0.1 to 1000 bar in 20 ranges.

Differential pressure sensors

The company manufactures a wide range of differential pressure transmitters series 401, series 652, series 679, series 698, series 699. The company manufactures a variety of differential pressure transmitters, ranging from series 401, which allows you to measure very small differential pressure in the range from 0 to 8 mbar. Series 652 transmitters are focused on continuous monitoring of liquid and gas flow rates in heating, ventilation and industrial process technology. Series 679 volumetric flow transmitters have the ability to measure pressure, flow rate or flow rate in two pressure ranges. 698 Series Differential Pressure Transmitters are recommended for monitoring pressure and flow in air conditioning systems and laboratory equipment. The devices are equipped with a 3-digit LCD display and two limit switches. The 699 series differential pressure transmitters have switchable pressure ranges and a digital Modbus interface.

Pressure switch

The company offers 521, 529 series electronic pressure switches and 604,620 and 630 series mechanical pressure switches. The 521 series thick film technology electronic pressure switches have factory-set switch points and can be equipped with normally open or normally closed contacts. Series 529 electronic pressure switches use ceramic technology sensing elements and also factory preset switching points.The 604 mechanical pressure switches are used in air conditioning and ventilation systems and are available in 5 pressure ranges and are highly accurate thanks to engraved individual scales. The 620 series mechanical pressure switches with 13 pressure ranges are used for the control of liquids and gases, are available in housings of plastic, brass and aluminum and are equipped with diaphragms made of materials that ensure high accuracy in various conditions. Mechanical pressure switches of the 630 series are intended for monitoring the flow in sewage or heating systems, as well as for use in industrial processes. Their robust design allows pressures of up to 20 bar per channel.

Hydrostatic Pressure Transmitters and Flow Meters

Huba Control hydrostatic pressure transmitters and 200 series meters. Depending on the model, the transmitters can measure flow rates up to 240 liters per minute. Huba Control hydrostatic pressure transmitters are equipped with a piezoresistive measuring element in a silicon shell and have 13 pressure ranges from 100 mbar and above. The 200 series meters use the Karman vortex street measurement principle and have no moving parts, which provides dirt insensitivity and high measurement accuracy.

Pressure cells and digital pressure indicators

509 series, 513 series, 800 series digital pressure indicators. 509 series pressure measuring cells are ceramic technology and are supplied factory-set or zero-point. Series 513 pressure measuring cells are barometrically regulated in a protective housing for PCB mounting. The 800 Series Digital Pressure Indicators have a 4-digit display that shows the converted signal from the sensor. The programming of the output limit values ​​can be carried out using the buttons on the front panel or by connecting to a computer.

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