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About the manufacturer

Igus® is an international manufacturer and supplier of linear guides, plastic plain bearings, spherical bearings, cable fasteners and other products. The company was founded in 1964 in Germany by Mr. Gunther Blase. Initially, the company was engaged in the supply of technically complex parts made of polymer plastic. In 1983, thanks to Frank Blase, the sales area of igus products was expanded, and the company's production was concentrated on polymer bearings and energy chains. In 1985 igus had 40 employees. Since 1991, the company has been producing lines for power chain applications. The igus company continues its development to this day, thanks to the accumulated rich experience, high-quality modern materials, developments and innovations. 

Today the company is headquartered in Cologne, Germany. The company employs over 1900 people worldwide. In addition, igus has a developed network that includes more than 30 branches, factories and offices in 42 countries of the world, in Germany, Spain, England, Italy, Brazil, USA, China, India, Japan, Korea and others.

igus is the largest manufacturer of energy chains with plug strips, special lines and all fittings worldwide. The company offers a product range of over 70,000 stock items, with 1,500 to 2,500 new items added annually. The company produces lines, power control systems, inductive power transmission devices, plain bearings, joints, linear bearings, ball bearings and other products.

The company offers not only products, but also turnkey solutions for many industries, such as: aerospace, heavy engineering, packaging, food processing, woodworking, metal-cutting machines, medicine, furniture industry, textile industry, etc.

Power supply systems the-chain

e-chains® provide power in all directions of travel. This is made possible by the huge igus® modular suite of solutions for various applications. Regardless of the type of movement, the igus® modular kit provides a solution for almost any power supply system. In the product selection guide for e-chains® and Chainflex® cables, the correct e-chain® and cable will be found to move around quite easily. Igus power supply products include energy chains, Chainflex® wiring, pre-assembled power supply systems, connectors, and the company provides installation services.


Polymeric bearing slewing rings. iglidur® PRT is a slewing ring with the tried and tested advantages of igus® polymer bearings. Sliding elements made of iglidur ® J absolutely do not need maintenance and lubrication. The rotating parts of the body ring are made of aluminum, and the iglidur® J sliding elements are hard-anodized. All connecting screws are made of stainless steel. Also among the bearings, igus offers igubal® self-aligning bearings and iglidur® bearings.

Linear bearings

Among the linear bearings igus provides its customers with DryLin® linear bearings, DryLin® axes for linear motion, DryLin® axles for linear motion with electric drive, DryLin® screw drives.

Rebar: iglidur parts

Iglidur® is now available as round bars and even as machined components - for prototypes, tests or small batches. Iglidur® materials in special sizes, from stock, in the form of circular sections or special components, machined in 3-5 days on machines.

Speedigus special parts

Speedimold is, first of all, simplicity. Choice of 8 iglidur® tribo plastic materials: iglidur® G iglidur® J, iglidur® X, iglidur® W300, iglidur® P, iglidur® M250, iglidur® H2, iglidur® A180 and igumid G. 10 days depending on the complexity of the part being manufactured. The longest delivery time can be 15 days.

Xiros ball bearings

In the ball bearing market, xiros® polymer ball bearings have revolutionized the market. In many applications where traditional metal ball bearings are not warranted, new bearing types can be successfully introduced through maintenance-free operation and the use of xirodur® high strength polymers

Low cost automation 

In this area, the company presents the following: the pikchain® conveyor chain and the robolink spatial hinge.

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