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The Swiss company InterApp was founded in 1969 by Hanspeter Stoll in Zug and during its existence has become an expert in the design and manufacture of valves and control of flows of liquid and gaseous media. In 1975 the company opened its branch in Austria, and in 1986 in Italy. Today the company owns production, assembly and test centers in Switzerland and Spain. The company's products are in great demand in energy and water treatment, chemical, oil refining and mining industries, food production and biotechnology. Since 2010, InterApp has been part of the AVK group of companies.

The video above was taken from InterApp official website/Youtube channel.

Products of the company

Butterfly valves

InterApp manufactures a wide range of rotary valves in several product lines. The range of DESPONIA centric butterfly valves with an elastomer sleeve, which are used in industry and construction, is available in a wide range of sizes, designed for an operating pressure of 16 bar, a temperature range of -10 to +200 degrees. The DESPONIA plus valve range features an operating pressure of 20 bar at the same temperature range. The BIANCA series of rotary valves is available with an elastomeric coating and is used for work with aggressive media or very pure substances. The working pressure of this series is 16 bar. The ELARA series of double eccentric rotary valves is available in metal seated, PTFE seated and flame retardant versions. The working pressure of this valve range is 50 bar. The LYSITHIA range of double eccentric rotary valves with operating pressures from 16 to 40 bar is designed for non-aggressive liquids. TITANIA triple eccentric rotary valves are designed for high pressure applications up to 100 bar and temperatures up to 200 degrees. The SATURNIA series of valves are designed for installation in gas ducts, ventilation ducts, dust collectors, electrostatic precipitators and are designed for temperatures up to +650 degrees.

Ball Valves

In this category, the company offers products of various types of ball valves. BVH22 stainless steel manual ball valves with full bore up to 63 bar, BVH23 3-piece body valves 40 or 63 bar depending on model, BVA23 ball valves with top flange, pneumatic or electric actuator, 3-way valves BVT34 with partial bore and mounting flange for manual, pneumatic or electric actuator. The BVC21 valve range is characterized by a compact design, full bore and top flange. BVE22 full bore ball valves are designed for pressures up to 63 bar. The BVP series of stainless steel valves is used in the pharmaceutical, food and biotechnology industries and has an operating pressure of up to 63 bar.

Check valves

The InterApp catalog includes: RHEA series check valve, NEPTUNIA double check valves, BCV ball check valves, STCV check valves, WPCV series of general purpose valves, FPCV series. In the range of products of the InterApp company there is a check valve of the RHEA series for work with liquids and gases in industry and construction, designed for pressures up to 16 bar and temperatures from -10 to +400, made of stainless steel. The company also offers NEPTUNIA double check valves with an operating pressure of up to 20 bar and a temperature range of -10 to +150 degrees. Ball check valves of the BCV family are used for wastewater, thick and viscous media with pressures up to 10 bar. The STCV check valves are designed with a fully encapsulated one-piece disc and can be used with a wide range of different fluids, including aggressive ones. The WPCV Series of General Purpose Valves is a spring-return poppet check valve, the FPCV Series is an extension of the WPCV range for corrosive and corrosive service.

Gate valves and butterfly valves

EB series gate valves, EX series gate valves, Gemue butterfly valves. Customers are offered EB series gate valves for the food industry, water treatment, power plants, produced in various sizes, designed for pressures from 2 to 10 bar, depending on the size. EX series gate valves with a single-acting knife gate are recommended for use in various industries and can be equipped with manual, electric or pneumatic actuators. Gemue series butterfly valves are designed for use with inert and corrosive liquids, viscous media or gases, rated for pressures up to 6 bar and temperatures up to 90 ° C.

Pneumatic, manual, electric drives

InterApp manufactures GB series hand actuators with housings in aluminum, cast iron or steel, with torques ranging from 1,000 to 50,000 Nm, available in shaftless versions and can be equipped with a limit switch. Pneumatic actuators of the IA family are available in double or single acting versions, have a torque from 20 to 3110 Nm and a temperature range from -20C to +80 degrees. The actuators can be equipped with solenoid valves, limit switches and inductive sensors. Electric actuators of the ER family are equipped with redundant manual drives, are available in AC and DC power supply versions, have a torque from 10 to 100 Nm, can be equipped with a potentiometer and a positioner.

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