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Kendrion N.V. is a solution provider that develops, manufactures and markets innovative high quality electromagnetic systems and components to its customers around the world. The operations are carried out by seven divisions focused on specific market segments, namely industrial magnetic systems and industrial control systems, industrial drives, automotive control systems, commercial vehicle systems and heavy duty systems. The corporation occupies a leading position in a number of business-to-business market niches.

The company develops advanced electromagnetic solutions for industrial applications. The solutions offered by the company are used by customers around the world in systems such as elevators, door locking systems, industrial robots, medical equipment, electrical distribution systems, diesel and gasoline engines, air conditioning units, engine cooling systems and pharmaceutical products. Key customers include Bosch, Continental, Daimler, Delphi, Eaton, Evobus, Hyndai, Siemens, Volkswagen and Yutong.

The company was founded in 1859 in Enschede, The Netherlands under the name Schuttersveld. This name has remained well-known in the textile industry for over a century. In 1984, new activities led the company to a new life and directed it to new promising directions. Kendrion is a highly focused company with one main goal: the development, manufacture and sale of innovative, high quality electromagnetic components and systems.

The manufacturer aims to become a leading international company that leverages its current know-how, innovative capabilities and commercial potential to provide solutions for the company's industrial and automotive customers. At the same time, the corporation intends to be a transparent, flexible and reliable company, where entrepreneurial zeal is combined with clear, profitable goals.

The company is passionate about producing the right products for its customers. Being in constant dialogue with them, he is always looking for the best technical and economic solution, which takes into account all the wishes and requirements of customers. This commitment allows you to stay ahead of your competitors in technological development. With this motivation, the employees of the company associate the latest innovations with the highest level of productivity.

The video above was taken from KENDRION official website/Youtube channel.

Products of the company


Held solenoids. Linear solenoids. Vibrating solenoids. PE brakes. High torque.


Airflex. AC-Line.

Auto mechanics

General ramp systems. Electric motor control. Headlight regulation. Gear shift. Broadcast. Differential gear. Steering. Driv. tailgate. Chassis.

Long distance buses and coaches

Air conditioned compressor discs. Engine cooling system. Belt drive system.

Commercial vehicles

Electromagnetic clutches for accessories. Ventilation couplings. Pneumatic couplings.

Consumer, household appliances

Held solenoids. Linear solenoids.

Energy and environment

Held solenoids. Linear solenoids. Vibrating solenoids. High torque.

Industrial motors and standard hydraulics

Fan clutch for industrial motors. Proportional valve solenoids. Valve switching solenoids.

Mechanical engineering

Clutch / brake combinations. Held solenoids. Linear solenoids. Vibrating solenoids. PE brakes. Compound disc brakes. SA-single disc brakes. Electromagnetic clutches. Electromagnetic brakes. Airflex.

Medicine and Pharmacology

Held solenoids. Linear solenoids. Vibrating solenoids. PE brakes. High torque.

Off-road vehicles and mobile hydraulics

Electromagnetic clutches for accessories. Hydraulic couplings. Ventilation couplings. Air compressor discs. Pneumatic couplings. Belt drive system. Linear solenoids. Proportional valve solenoids. Solenoid changeover valve.

Safety and Comfort

Eddy current brake. Held solenoids. Linear solenoids. Vibrating solenoids. Compound disc brakes. High torque. PE brakes. SA single disc brake. Single-seat brake disc modules.


Air conditioning compressor clutch. Air compressor drive. Fan clutch. Belt drive system. Linear solenoids. Vibrating solenoids. Held solenoids.

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We deliver equipment of KENDRION
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