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For decades, high-tech tooling, industrial fittings and standard parts under the KIPP brand have been included in high-quality equipment, machines, machine tools and mechanisms that meet all the requirements for reliability and durability.

The company started as a mechanical workshop founded by Christian Kipp. German precision, precision and diligence have led the company from small renovations to batch production of food processors, from the development of the first clamping arms to the production of sophisticated clamping systems, from a small family workshop to large-scale production facilities.

The modern KIPP plant is located in Sulz-Golzhausen. The plant produces more than 1,500 items of various industrial fittings, clamping tools, and other mechanisms. High-precision modern equipment is used for the manufacture of products, which guarantees the quality of products. Professional specialists work on the development of each item, who are ready to complete the details for the individual conditions of a particular production. In the quality control department, each unit is subjected to multi-stage control, so all the details confirm the impeccable German quality.

Products of the company

Spring clips

Kipp spring clips with different clamping characteristics help to securely fasten and secure assemblies. This section also provides a large selection of different types of locking bolts and locking pins used when connecting machine assemblies and other parts. With Kipp locking bolts and locking pins, you can quickly fix and connect parts and other machine elements. Indispensable in the manufacture of complex components and assemblies Can be partially unlocked manually.

Handwheels, revolution counters

The handwheels are used to position and align all types of spindles and shafts. Kipp handwheels are also used in instrumentation, mechanical engineering and shipbuilding, and they are also widely used in the military industry. Mechanical and electronic (including programmable) meters of Kipp equipment have up to five digits and are easy to install.


Latches are the simplest locking devices that are widely used in mechanical engineering. The Kipp range of latches includes tension, adjustable, hidden or visible fixing holes. Kipp also manufactures heavy-duty or trigger-type tensioning latches. In addition, in the Kipp catalog you can find latches, safety locks and emergency opening buttons.

Locks and latches

Kipp locks and latches are used for locking and securing dampers, industrial equipment, machine and cabinet doors, including electrical ones. Kipp manufactures latch bolts of various types and designs, some of which are additionally equipped with locks to enhance the locking function. The Kipp range includes small and long latches, T-handle, L-handle, stepped latch, rocker handle or control handle. Especially noteworthy are the hygienic DESIGN latch bolts, which help to ensure hygiene, and the shock absorbing bolts.


Hinges are widely used in mechanical engineering for fastening various parts and equipment assemblies. Kipp catalogs offer a wide variety of hinge hinges in plastics, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, zinc alloy and sheet iron. Kipp hinges can be angled (with different angles of rotation) and spring (clamped), angled, screwed or welded. Some of the Kipp hinges have a locking control function.


To smooth out defects and unevenness of the surface on which the equipment is installed, supports are used in mechanical engineering. The stability of the installations is improved by using the height-adjustable feet. The Kipp range of feet consists of lead screws, set screws, discs for pivot bases in a variety of materials including anti-static, stops and pressure screws. The Hygienic DESIGN series is used when it is necessary to ensure the hygiene of the equipment.

Clamping levers

One of the first tools to make the brand famous was the clamping lever. It was released in 1952. Modern clamping tools make up a huge catalog and are designed for various mechanisms. Support elements represent an equally extensive assortment. To ensure stability and comfortable fixation, the following are used: hinged support; locking pin; thrust pin; clamps.

Compressor rubber buffer

The rubber-metal buffer has become an indispensable element for damping shocks and vibrations. The part helps to reduce loads, including shear loads, and is used in a wide variety of equipment. Such an elastic support is indispensable when installing compressors, pumps, and other units. KIPP produces various buffer designs. A part with a rubber band tapered towards the middle reduces the load in the radial direction and increases the life of the element.

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