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The Kübler Group has now become one of the world's leading experts in the field of position and motion sensors, counting and process sensors. The company was founded in 1960 by Fritz Kübler and became a family business. Today it is continued by the next generation of the family, his two sons - Gebhard Kübler and Lothar Kübler. The company's merchandise exports currently account for over 60 percent of the company's turnover, with 8 international group members and distributors in over 50 countries.

The company has grown particularly strongly over the past 10 years and is now proud of its turnover in excess of 45 million euros (2011) and many large global clients. Customer focus, flexibility as well as the know-how that have been built over decades, serve as the basis for the company's wide and innovative product range. These include customized products and industry-specific solutions as well as functional safety solutions.

Short response times, a desire to inspire customers and a very high level of service are additional support. Rigorous attention to quality ensures high reliability and long service life for all products in this field. An additional success factor is the Kaizen culture, which focuses on continuous quality improvement.

More than 400 dedicated people around the world help build the company's success and reputation and ensure that customers can fully trust the brand. There are great opportunities for businesses to apply innovation-driven applications and provide outstanding all-round service. With more than 400 employees and three production sites, it reliably delivers a high level of product flexibility, high quality management, and exceptional delivery reliability.

From the early days of the company, its success has always been based on 3 pillars: innovative products and solutions, independence from banks and large corporations, and a strong international orientation. Kübler's latest innovative product - the first 100% optical electronic multiturn sensor - has won numerous technology innovation awards.

Sensors and measuring systems

The Kübler range of encoders includes incremental and absolute encoders with both optical and magnetic shaft positioning systems. The absolute encoders in the product line are available in both single-turn and multi-turn models. Most encoders are available in two versions with a regular or hollow shaft. In addition, the catalog contains compact capacitive non-bearing encoders. To determine the linear position of devices, Kubler manufactures linear measuring systems with magnetic sensors and magnetic stripe or analog sensor and cable. To determine the angle of inclination, the company produces various inclinometers.

Counters of different types

Kubler manufactures impulse counters of various types: electronic, electromechanical, pneumatic. Depending on the type of meter, they are equipped with a digital or mechanical display system for the current value. Electronic and electromechanical counters are also available with a preset for convenient counting of impulses, time and speed.

To measure time intervals, the company offers a wide selection of electromechanical and electronic timers, including preset ones. Tachometers are used to measure the number of revolutions. In addition, multifunctional devices with a convenient display are produced, allowing to count pulses, time, rotation speed and show the current position.

Displays and Controllers

Versatile digital displays with searchable minimum and maximum values, process controllers with information display and multi-limit control. Temperature regulators with indication of current readings, strain gauge controllers with displays. The compact Safety-M modules provide speed monitoring in a minimum volume. The possibility of connecting incremental encoders enables various safety functions of the drives to be implemented.

Slip ring trolleys

Kübler slip ring slip rings are designed to connect fixed and rotating electrical circuits. The connection takes place by means of slip rings of a high degree of reliability. Kubler manufactures a wide range of modular slip ring trolleys for flexible power and signal contact applications. Collectors can work with Profibus, CANopen, etc. and are used in automatic packaging machines, robotic manipulators, automatic transport systems, cranes, rotary tables and other similar equipment.

Optical modules and accessories

Kubler incremental optical modules are used in demanding signal transmission conditions. The system, consisting of an optical transmitter and receiver, converts the electrical signals from the sensors into an optical signal, and the reverse conversion takes place at the other end of the optical highway. Standard optical modules provide signal transmission over fiber optic lines at distances up to 2000 m. In addition to modules, the company produces a wide range of various cables and connectors for connecting its own devices and ensuring interaction with third-party equipment and equipment.

The video above was taken from Kuebler / Kübler official website/Youtube channel.

Products of the company

Kübler incremental and absolute encoders are widely used for speed measurement and position determination. Kübler offers a wide range of encoders in various sizes, over a wide temperature range and with a high degree of protection. The encoders of the Sendix series, which have proven their efficiency many times in various industries, are manufactured in Germany, which guarantees their impeccable quality and the use of only the best materials for their manufacture. Kübler encoders can be mounted directly on the shaft or on a hollow shaft. Encoder sizes range from miniature 24mm to massive 100mm. Speed ​​measurement and positioning are carried out by optical or magnetic principle.
Kübler inclinometers provide accurate and reliable determination of the degree of incline even in difficult environmental conditions and are suitable for a wide variety of tasks. The robust housing of Kübler inclinometers, the high degree of protection (IP67 / IP69K) and the wide operating temperature range significantly expand the possibilities for their application. The flat design of the inclinometers makes it easy to install even in confined spaces, and the high measurement accuracy guarantees stable operation even in the harshest industrial conditions with sharp temperature fluctuations. Kübler inclinometers have a high resolution (0.01 °), measuring range from 0 to 360 ° or ± 85, operating temperature range from -40 ° C to + 85 ° C, analog output, as well as CANopen, Modbus, SAE J1939 interfaces
Linear measurement
Linear measurement
Kübler presents innovative incremental or absolute linear measurement technologies with high optical precision and magnetic power. The Kübler linear measuring range includes a wide range of wire encoders and magnetic length measuring systems from 0.3 m to 42.5 m as well as SIL3 certified shaft copying systems. In addition, Kübler offers a variety of sensor types based on different technologies to suit any application. Kübler devices are rated IP69K and have different interface types, both analog and digital.
Safe speed monitors
Safe speed monitors
Kübler's compact safety speed monitor base modules from the Safety-M series provide speed monitoring in the smallest possible space with a width of only 50 mm. Removable organic liquid crystal operating and diagnostic display makes it easy to set up and set the required operating parameters. The safe inputs and outputs together with the built-in signal splitter make it easy to integrate the modules into existing safety circuits and retrofit old equipment.
Displays and counters
Displays and counters
The Kübler product range includes electronic, electromechanical and pneumatic displays and counters for recording, monitoring and evaluating the acquired data. Kübler has been developing and manufacturing displays and meters of the highest quality for over 50 years. Kübler sensors accurately and reliably record equipment operating times and other times, speeds and frequencies, pulses, kWh and position in all environmental conditions, and monitor compliance with predefined parameters.
Cables & Connectors
Cables & Connectors
The range of cables and connectors from the manufacturer Kübler includes all kinds of connection technologies for almost any task. This section of the catalog contains cables and connectors, assembly kits and individual pieces of cable and connecting equipment of the M12, M23, MIL, SUB-D, RJ45 standards, made of polyvinyl chloride, polyurethane or thermal polyethylene. Selected models are resistant to UV radiation, heat, oil, acids and open fire.
Slip rings
Slip rings
Kübler slip rings ensure the reliable transfer of energy, gases, fluids, electrical signals and data from static to rotating components. They are distinguished by their resistance to high currents, high speed and reliability of data transmission, long service life and easy operation. Kübler sliding rings are manufactured in Germany and are characterized by true German quality and careful selection of materials for their manufacture. Kübler offers both standard solutions and custom designed slip rings according to customer needs.
Signal converters
Signal converters
Kübler signal converters ensure error-free and reliable signal transmission. Signal converters allow controllers and sensors to communicate with each other using a wide range of different interfaces, greatly expanding the application range of the existing sensor range. Kübler signal converters are equipped with analog and parallel interfaces as well as HTL / TTL, SSI, RS232 / RS485, SinCos interfaces, can be easily mounted on a DIN rail, are ideal for potential isolation and can be combined with Kübler encoders.

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