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About the manufacturer

Lampar is an Italian manufacturer of any type and dimension of carbon brushes for electrical  machines, utilizing row carbon materials. Lampar was established in 1985 and since then it has enlarged the range of  production including standard and special brush-holders. Lampar’s official website is a perfect place for navigating and buying carbon brushes. Lampar is able to supply products in a timely manner with the help of reliable distributors and dealers. Materials quality, accuracy processing, reasonable delivery times, competitive prices, constant improvements make Lampar stand out on the market.

Lampar products are manufactured and assembled in compliance with European regulations and the most up-to-date CE and Atex regulations for safety and quality. Lampar product catalog includes special brush-holders, slip rings, commutators, pumice-stone bars, and abrasive rubbers for collectors cleaning, graphite brushing for dc industrial motors, variable speed motors, carbon brushes for fork lift trucks. 

Lampar’s sales range has gradually increased by constant search for new equipment and machinery as well as by a punctual maintenance of the processing plants. Reliability, efficiency, quality and support are the strong factors with which Lampar has been facing the market for years.