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Our catalog contains the entire product line of the Lütze / Lutze / Luetze manufacturer at good prices with door-to-door delivery to any region of United States, including your area: Ashburn. Our managers will help you to select and buy suitable Lütze / Lutze / Luetze product or spare part, just right after sending an application form. To find out the prices and delivery time, please fill in the feedback form or send your inquiry to  
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The LUTZE company was founded in 1958 in Stuttgart. The name of the same name was given by the name of the creator Friedrich Lutze. The story began with the release of electrical components, complex solutions for railway transport. In 1972 the company began to manufacture LSC systems for control cabinets. Since 1980 it has specialized in the production of flexible cables. Today subsidiaries are established in many European countries. Annual sales exceed 76 million euros. The online catalog contains the entire range supplied to Russia.

LUTZE supplies relays with different functional purposes: for monitoring current, phases, time, integrated modular systems for industrial equipment. The new "Compact" series includes power supplies with an output range from 1.2 amps. The devices differ from the earlier versions in compact size, minimum heat generation, and are equipped with a short circuit protection function.

Power wires with copper conductors are available with different insulation: rubber, plastic, PVC.

Order a hydraulic control unit for the company. Using the keyboard and the remote control, it is permissible to set modes, monitor the speed of movement of mechanisms, save parameters in memory, and display indicators on the display. It is allowed to connect sensors, switches and other components of the control system to the module. It is better to discuss the terms of purchase, delivery, installation with the manager on the website or by phone.

The manufacturer offers to purchase cables for industrial automation, electronic networks of drives, motors. Many of them are made using innovative technology and are designed for use in extreme conditions. Busbar wires are indispensable for hot production. Heat-resistant insulation can withstand up to 180 degrees. All types of control cables are available: insulated, low smoke emission. Analogs with twisted cores, polymer winding are resistant to cold and heat. Power wires with copper conductors are available with different insulation: rubber, plastic, PVC.

The video above was taken from Lütze / Lutze / Luetze official website/Youtube channel.

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