The Mindman company was founded in 1979 and produces and sells various kinds of pneumatic equipment. It is part of the Taiwan Mindman Group together with such brands as MEDAN Gmbh, PISCO and UNIMECH. The company with headquarters in Taipei and 90.000 square meters manufacturing facilities in Tainan employs 600 people. It has been long investing into expansion of manufacturing capacities and into development of its employees. Efficient and automated production line reduces the cost of production thus making the Mindman products highly competitive all over the world. Well-organized management system ensures continuous improvement of the products quality. In 1999 the company’s production facilities were certified according to ISO-9001 standard, which helped to promote the products internationally. Currently the company products are exported to more than 60 countries worldwide with main focus being at the Americas, Europe, South East Asia, Middle East etc. 

The Mindman management concept is to maintain quality and satisfy customer needs. All manufacturing processes are under a strict control to ensure that the customers get quality products. Standard operating procedures, statistical process control system and total performance management systems ensure excellent quality of the ready goods. More than 20 years of expertise resulted in a comprehensive range of products including electromagnetic valves, air control valves, FRL, pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders, pipes, fittings, and other hydropower accessories. Mindman can also satisfy specific customer requirements with OEM and ODM solutions. 

The company success is backed up by well-organized production processes, employment of automated casting and robot-assisted processing with CNC and various quality tests and check-ups. At the vast market of pneumatic accessories the company has established itself as a combination of excellent quality and innovations.