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Nordic Seal

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About the manufacturer

Founded in 1993, Nordic Seal is a unique manufacturer of gaskets and sealings for all industries from North Europe. The office and production site are located in Larvik, Norway, and the products are supplied throughout the world. Nordic Seal holds a number of patents for the unique technological solutions that are used in manufacturing of the products. All of Nordic Seal items are certified according to ISO-9001 standard and meets the EU requirements. The gaskets and sealing solutions are widely used in all types of manufacturing industries, including but not limited to mining, wood processing, offshore production, shipbuilding, steelmaking, petrochemical industry, energetic industry, water supply and wastewater systems etc.

The two flagship categories in the Nordic Seal product range are LubSeal and ExSeal. LubSeal series includes compression seals with excellent characteristics that are intended for industrial use. These products have the advantage over traditional seals because of the perfect combination of three components: a lubricant, an elastic core and an outer fiber layer, ensuring a longer lifespan, quicker installation and a wider range of operational temperature, pressure and environment conditions. 

ExSeal series includes dynamic pressurized seals that is able to absorb dynamic loading from rotating parts of the equipment. Its wear resistant outer layer significantly increases the seals lifespan, ensure safe operation and minimizes the chance of leakage from the sealed junction.

Nordic Seal also offers the quickly installed Quick-Seal flange seals made of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene. The material ensures that the seal keeps its form even if it is highly compressed. Quick-Seal is suitable for all application except for some types of alkaline metals melting and some fluorine compounds. The product is applicable at the temperature range from -240 to +270°C, vacuum pressure up to 200 bar and pH from 0 to 14.

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