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About the manufacturer

Novotechnik introduced its first potentiometer in the general mechanical engineering sector back in the 1950s. Since then, the company has developed unique technology used in position transmitters as well as rotary and linear potentiometers, which set the standard through outstanding linearity and reliability over a long service life. Novotechnik is now offering new technologies that go far beyond the standard, enabling a new level of linearity and reliability in non-contact applications.

International manufacturer of sensors and transmitters Novotechnik U.S. is located in the United States and is headquartered in Southborough, Massachusetts, while its Automotive Division is based in Livonia, Michigan. Contelec and Novotechnik are divisions of the Siedle Group.

The company develops and manufactures a wide range of rotary and linear encoders using contact and non-contact technologies for a wide variety of motion control applications in the automotive, mechanical engineering, plastics, medical equipment, hydraulics, pneumatics and medical device industries. and control.

It should be noted that Novotechnik is one of the first companies worldwide to receive the ISO / TS 16949 quality certificate. This certificate meets the requirements of the automotive industry - VDA 6.1, QS9000, EAQF, AVSQ - in terms of quality management systems. In addition, the company is ISO 9001 certified.

Wherever industrial equipment works with micron precision, you can find Novotechnik products. Position sensors from the Novotechnik brand are widely used for bullet trains, aircraft and, accordingly, cars. They are used to maintain a constant speed in packaging machines, as well as to accurately position injection pins and metering cylinders in injection molding machines. You will also find Novotechnik products in mobile and medical equipment, in machine tools, in laboratories - in any application where accuracy, repeatability and reliability are paramount.

Novotechnik manufactures high-end proximity sensors. NOVOSTRICTIVE ™ technology offers unique advantages for linear position measurement. The company is a pioneer in the development of conductive plastic technology. This material technology has been critical to the development of modern linear displacement encoders.


Novotechnik brings to your attention the following product names:

Rod-type linear position sensors - Novotechnik rod-type linear position sensors are available with stroke lengths from 10 to 900 mm. They are highly resistant to harsh environmental conditions and provide a long service life, with various functions to meet the requirements of most encoder applications.

Linear proximity sensors - Linear proximity sensors from Novotechnik use a permanent magnet that attaches to a moving part on your position sensing application. There are two varieties, one is free floating and the other slides on rails built into the sensor body.

Linear in-cylinder sensors - They are designed for hydraulic and pneumatic applications and feature non-contact technology to ensure a long product life.

Rotary sensors - This category combines absolute Hall effect angle encoders and resistive potentiometric encoders. Their characteristics include low torque, precision, heavy duty performance.

Multi-turn rotary encoders - Novotechnik presents multi-turn rotary encoders which are available in 12 different series / models up to 100 revolutions.

Automotive sensors - Novotechnik offers special automotive sensors that are widely used in many vehicles. They are used to measure the steering angle as well as for many engine control applications.

Accessories -  Novotechnik brand accessories include couplings, displays, process control indicators and much more.

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