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The American company Penny & Giles began its existence in 1956, when William Penny and James Giles began developing high-precision wire-winding potentiometric devices for aviation. Over time, the company has expanded its range and gained wide recognition as a manufacturer of joystick controllers, sensors and solenoids, which are actively used in industrial equipment and vehicles for various purposes. Since 2002, Penny & Giles has been part of the Curtiss-Wright Corporation.

The video above was taken from Penny+Giles official website/Youtube channel.

Products of the company

Joystick controllers

The company manufactures a wide range of single-axis, dual- and multi-axis joysticks with various ergonomic handles, as well as joysticks for operating the human machine interface (HMI). Products of this type are actively used in vehicles for construction and agricultural purposes, in processing machines and other industrial equipment. Single-axis joysticks are designed for smooth and precise control of critical functions in a variety of vehicles and industrial applications. Multi-axis joysticks are available in contact and non-contact versions, in the version for finger control, in the form of a joystick with additional function buttons, etc.


The STT series of solid-state tilt sensors is used in road construction and lifting equipment, container handling systems and hydraulic lifts and outperforms traditional types of tilt sensors due to its compactness, reliability and energy efficiency. For use in vehicle automation systems and industrial equipment, the company produces a wide range of sensors of various types: linear position sensors, tilt sensors, rotary sensors, linear displacement sensors, linear potentiometers. Linear position and displacement sensors offer stroke length measurements from 5 to 2000 mm. Rotary position sensors perform angular measurements in the range from 10 to 360 degrees and are available in enclosures with IP68 and IP69K protection. Signal conditioning modules equipped with extended voltage outputs, current outputs and PWM digital outputs are intended for use with position transmitters.

Electromagnetic actuators

In this product category, the manufacturer offers a wide range of electromagnetic drives for equipment and transport: laminated electromagnetic drives with travel times from 8 to 16 milliseconds and high torques, locking drives, etc.

Faders and Slip Potentiometers

For precise visual control of various parameters, the company offers manual and motorized line faders, professional cross faders, analog and digital T-knob faders.

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