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About the manufacturer

PIL Sensoren GmbH is a well-known German company, recognized worldwide as a leading specialist in the development and production of ultrasonic distance sensors, which are widely used in the field of industrial automation, automotive applications, as well as for monitoring a process in order to study its characteristics. A large number of dedicated sensors developed in collaboration with customers and an ever-expanding product line underscore the company's innovative capabilities.

In recent years, it has become possible to integrate ultrasonic distance sensors via analog and switching outputs into photoelectric controller housings, thereby offering housings with a shape that is well known in the market. For example, the latest Sensoren product, the speed sensor, has been developed using ultrasonic technology, which opens up completely new possibilities for its application.

PIL has been certified according to the ISO 9001-2000 quality standard since 2001. The implemented quality management system allows, by documenting each individual step in the process, during development and in production, to make all operations traceable. All products are manufactured in accordance with the UL standard and are continuously tested. The legal regulations for the use of the CE mark are fulfilled and verified by independent test laboratories.

Basic sensors

The P47 Series sensors with analog or switching output have been designed for accurate measurements and easy on-site assembly. If the sensor is replaced, the control system can be immediately restarted, without readjustment.

Teach-In sensors

The series of sensors P41 P43, P44 with analog and switching outputs is programmable for learning. This is done in a very simple and very precise way using the Teach-In for the P43 series; or for the P41 and P44 series - Tele-teach using the built-in buttons. Both the P43 and P41 series have a 0-10 / 4-20 mA analog output or two switching outputs. The P44 series has a 0-10 / 4-20 mA analog output and two switching outputs.

Programmable sensors

The sensors of the P42-Т / A series have an analog output 0-10 / 4-20 and two switching outputs. They are programmable via RS232 or RS485 interface. Characteristics, dead zones, test points, sensitivity, electronic filters, response times - all this makes the sensor optimally suited to the measuring task. No special adapter is required for communication with a computer and direct access to the interface on the sensor is possible.

Two-piece sensors

P42-M series sensors consist of an external head and a processing unit that controls the head, evaluates the measured values and transmits them. Two analog outputs are available, 0-10 and 4-20; two adjustable switching outputs (PNP), two switching outputs that indicate the position of an object above or below the analog range, an RS232 interface and a serial interface for controlling a digital display.

Scanning sensors

The P48 series of ultrasonic scanning probes is one of the leaders among the smallest probes on the market. This series is characterized by high switching frequencies and easy installation.

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