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About the manufacturer

POLYLUX specializes in the use of the Resin Encapsulation technology, which gives the products various technological advantages. It is a top company in this industry because of the expertise manufacturing with this approach. POLYLUX transformer and transformator can meet the exact needs of specific goods for high-performance applications thanks to POLYLUX technological capacity. Because each client demands highly unique applications, they customize our goods to meet their needs.

POLYLUX has further developed its product catalog, which can be seen on POLYLUX’s official website. Its product catalog includes transformers, autotransformers, inductances, harmonic filters, voltage stabilizers, voltage variators, AC-DC converters. POLYLUX products have always been developed and manufactured with quality in mind.

Thanks to the contribution of new technology and the expertise of valuable collaborators, POLYLUX continues to establish itself on the global market.POLYLUX  always gives its client specific details about the products and provides customers with technical support.

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